Under the Rain

Chapter Nineteen

“Come on Bo!” 

“Get up!” Anton screams as I am laying down panting. I can’t do this! 

“1...2...3..” I slowly get up and prep myself to fight again. 

“Try to hit her throat,” Anton whispers. 

I look at my opponent and she has a busted lip and a busted cheekbone. She’s a new fighter, she has black hair in a bun and she’s very fit, they call her tallia because she’s really tall. 

The bell rings and everyone is cheering for her and some for me as I duck and run behind her and she turns around swinging thinking I was going to hit her but that’s exactly what I wanted because as she swings I see an opening and I swing with all my force and hit her ribs and I swear I hear a crack and she makes a weird noise and gasps for air but I knew this would be my only chance and I start punching her face and as she tries to block me she leaves her ribs unblocked again and I start swinging away really hard at her ribs. 

“Go, Bo! Go! Keep going!” I hear Anton and Zainden yell. 

I start getting tired but I keep going, I need to finish this now!

She is barely holding up and I just uppercut her really hard and she huffs and falls flat on her face. I was about to punch her again but the ref stops me and he starts counting and I go to my corner. 

“Good job Bo…” Anton whispers as I jump side to side to keep my adrenaline going. 

“6,7,8!” Everyone screams as they ring the bell motioning the fight is over and he raises my hand and I start jumping everywhere and Ruby runs and hugs me tight and I winch as she does but hug her back.

“Good Job!” Zainden nudges me and I smile. 

“Thank you.” I hug Princeston. 

“Now what Anton?” I turn to him and he smiles. 

“You keep practicing and fighting until you make it big and make me money.” He winks, “But for now, go home and take a nice bath and relax, I will see you Monday for our training.” He pats me and everyone starts cleaning. 

“I’m going to go clean up and then we can go home.” I turn to the little group starring at me. 


I walk into the locker room and just start changing and pack my things. 

“Miss Rosalie.” I jump as I turn around and it’s Antonio. Has he been there the entire time? Did he watch me change?

“Oh hi,” I say awkwardly thanks yo my thoughts. 

“Great fight, it seems Anton is doing his best to train you huh?” He smirks. 

“Yes, sir.” I nod. 

“Well, good job maybe next time I will bet on you.” Wait he didn’t bet on me this time? 

“And why didn’t you this time?” 

“I don’t like losing money and you didn’t seem the best.” 

“Well, maybe you will choose correctly next time,” I smirk and he chuckles.

“You always seem to surprise me.”

“I tend to do that a lot. I’m not as simple as I seem.” 

“I’m learning that and to be quite honest I’m loving it.” He grabs my hand and I feel awkward now. 

“Yes, well. I have to go. My friends are waiting for me.” I pull away and he smiles. 

“Okay be careful and give my blessing to Zainden and Princeston and Damon, tell them I will see them later. Bye, beautiful.” He walks off into the other end of the locker room

“Hey, you ready?” I turn and smile at them.

“Yup, let's go.” I hug Ruby. We end up back at my place and Bella runs up to me. 

“Bo!” She jumps into my arms. 

“Hi, baby.” I hug her tightly and watch as Damon walks up with some flowers. 

“Hey.” He greets me with a hug. 

“Hey, did you guys go?” I smile down to Bella. 

“Yup and you kicked ass!” Bella gives me her thumbs up and we laugh. 

“Why, thank you.” I wink and she giggles. 

“Here, Bella wanted to get your flowers.” Damon hands me the mixed flowers. 

“No, I didn’t,” Bella shouts and Damon blushes. 

“Yes, she did.” He restates. 

“No, you woke up early morning and went to get them and asked me if they were good enough,” Bella shouts at him. 

“Thanks, Bells.” Damon frowns. 

“Well, either way, thank you.” I blush. 

“No problem, what are you doing later?” He smiles big. 

“Um have dinner with Ruby and try to convince her mom to let her stay with me.” 


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