Under the Rain

Chapter Twenty Two

“Bo what are you doing?” Bella asks as I pace back and forth reading my script.

“Something called rehearsing.” I smile at her. 


“Well, I have drama for a class and I have to perform.” 

“Oh, you look funny, going back and forth..” She giggles. 

“Yea? Well, you look funny with that hairdo.” 

“Not nice.” She sticks her tongue out at me.

“Did Damon do your hair?” I laugh. 

“Yes, want to fix it?” She flips around letting me get to her hair. 

“Sure.” I start combing her hair with my fingers and start grabbing little strands and making them into braids. 

“Are we almost done?” SHe asks after a couple of minutes, children have low expansion spends. They are like a squirrel. 

“Yes, almost just one more strand.” I smile and start moving my hand faster and finish just as she starts sighing big. 

“So what do you want for dinner?” I ask as she looks at herself in the mirror and dances with joy. 

“Dino Nuggets! And Fries!” She jumps. 

“Okay, sounds good.” I laugh, “Hey.”

“Hello, work was hell!” Ruby slumps over to the couch. 

“What happened?” I look over at her and Bella is just staring at her as well. 

“Girl, being cashier sucks, these ladies kept nagging because their coupons were expired like what about the expiration date do you not understand?” 

“Well, that’s retail for you girl.” I shrug.  

“I know it fucking sucks!” 


“Oh cover your ears kid.” Ruby pushes Bella and I smack Ruby across the forehead. 

“Ow! Bo!” 

“Well don’t push her.”  Warn her. 

“Whatever, what time do you go in today?” I head off to the kitchen and look at the time it's only 2. 

“At 6 through 11.”

“Ah, you closing tonight?”

“Yup, that means Bella is going to be here with you and I need you to look after her and not hit her.” I glare at her and they both look at each other and shrug. 

“As long as she doesn’t mess with me and stays down here watching cartoons.” She sticks her tongue out at Bella and Bella does the same. 

“Just play nice for once.” I start cooking Bella her dinner. 

“Have you heard?” Ruby whispers walking into the kitchen sitting on the counter. 

“Heard what?” 

“There has been a huge outbreak of gangs everywhere and the gang La Sangre Negra is getting bigger and taking over,” Ruby whispers grabbing a fire. 

“Is there a reason for it?” 

“Well, I heard it’s because some big leader is actually here looking for heads.”

“So they come searching for people?” 

“Well that and apparently there has been some underground shit nobody knew about and they want to expand it and in order for that to happen they need to send more people out to bring in and take out.” I get chills as she says that.

“So our city is about to become Gotham...Great. Just what we needed.” 

“Hey, we might find ourselves a batman.”

“Or some positive, egoistic, anger issue, druggie.” I huff. 

“So your ex?” She smirks and I roll my eyes. 

“He’s not a druggie.” 

“No, but he did sell them once upon a time.” 

“Well the shit he’s in, no wonder he’s an ass.”

“But a super hot ass.” 

“Go...Get off my counter.” I smack and she squeals and runs off. 

Zainden and Reeper are in that gang, maybe they might know more.

I cook the girls dinner and get ready for work and head off to it. 

“Hey there Bo.” Cristina greets me as she clocks in with me. 

“Hey, ready to close?” I smile.

“Fuck no but I need money so let's go for it.” She puts on her hat as I giggle and start putting on my walkie talkie. 

“Have a nice day.” I ring out a customer and the store gets quiet. 

“Fuck people are messy!” Cristina yells and I laugh shaking my head. 

“Cristina shut the fuck up, we all know you aren’t one to clean up anyways.” Cindy comes in carrying some boxes.


Edited: 04.01.2020

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