Pool Days & Sarcastic Remarks

The morning after Paola begged me to become prom queen with her felt like I had a literal hangover.  
I basically threw a temper tantrum but somehow I was easily convinced into the situation. 
Now Paola wants us to get in the 'queen' spirit but if I'm going to be honest, I don't want to do this. It's pointless. Nobody is going to vote for me so I don't really see why I should do this.  

"Can you turn the music down?" I whined as I dug my head into the pillow of the couch. 
We all decided to camp out on Paola's couch for the night, except that ended pretty poorly as well. I mean her feet kept crashing into my rib cage about every hour in the middle of the night.  
I'm finally getting some sleep and the girls are deciding to play some music? 

Still the music continued and I groaned in agony as I looked up from my pillow. 
"Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today." Ivan chuckled to himself, adjusting the music down a level for my self- sanity. 
My mouth fell open and I scrunched my eyebrows in confusion. I probably look like a crazy person right now between my messy, unbrushed bed hair and wrinkled clothes from yesterday.  

"What the hell are you doing here?" I questioned tiredly. 
Ivan pointed over to Alejandro Sandoval who was sitting in the chair next to him.  
Okay, that's it. I'm officially lost in what is going on here.  
"Good morning love." Ivan smirked and I rolled my eyes.  

I'm going to pretend that he didn't just call me 'love' because if I do I think my heart will physically explode. 
And that is so not happening this early in the morning.  
I gave Ivan a little death glare in hopes of getting some information out of him. 
"Didn't you hear?" Ivan asked in curiosity as he combed a hand through his brown hair.  

Why does he have to look this good even in the mornings? 
"Hear what?" I questioned, my throat sounding scratchy and I shut my eyes to contain the cringe that I was feeling from this moment.  
Where did the girls go?! Because I am so not being left all alone with these two for any longer.  

Ivan's signature smirk appeared on his lips and all I wanted to do was smack it off him. He could be so cocky sometimes. Let me rephrase that, most of the time. 
Alejandro and Ivan shared a smug look and I forced myself to bite back a response.  
"Lucia and I are dating." Alejandro said proudly.  
Okay, I think my eyes are about to pop out of my head.  

Is it April first or something? Because I'm definitely being fooled right now. 
Lucia would never go for a guy like Alejandro. Besides she would've told me by last night! 
The smirk on his face grew, clearly amused at my expression. "Am I dreaming?" I pinched myself to see if this was reality and shockingly it was.  

"Nope, all real babe." Lucia chirped as she entered the room with a beach towel in her hand. 
"Oh gosh." I mumbled to no one in particular as I threw my tired face into the pillows once again.  
All three of them chuckled in amusement at me and I mentally rolled my eyes because doing it physically is too much work.  

"Cathalina, get your ass up we're going in the pool." Anna announced loudly as she came strolling in with her hair in a messy bun. 
"I'll pass." I said.  
There's no way I'm going in the pool this early. I am tired and if anyone wants me awake before twelve o'clock then cranky Cathalina is going to come out.  
I do not like going in the sun unless it's at a reasonable hour.  

No convincing this time. 
Paola smirked as she walked in and waved a hand to dismiss any ideas my friends were having.  
Paola leaned down to be level to level with me and whispered in my ever ear so lowly that I could barely hear her. "Ivan's going to be there." 

My eyes are about to bulge out of my head any second now.  
Ivan is going to be shirtless? 
That boy goes to the gym on a daily, his arms are always on full display, and now I get to see his abs? Hell yeah I'm up for it.  

"Okay, let's go in the pool!" I exclaimed as I hopped off the couch, slightly tripping over a blanket but ignoring that and heading right into Paola's bedroom. 
"What'd you say to her?" Ivan chuckled in amusement and I smiled down at the floor as I pulled open Paola's closet.  

"Oh, nothing." She giggled innocently as she immediately followed me into the bedroom.  
Paola closed the door and I gave her a look- the look to be exact.  
"Make me look hot." I mouthed and she nodded with a wink. 
"I was already on it babe." She passed me a red bikini and smirked proudly. "It's a scientific proven fact that boys are more turned on by the color red."  

Ah, only Paola.  
"You totally owe me for this because I never even wore it before!" She told me strictly and I laughed with a nod. "You got it." 
---- ---- --- 

I thought this was a good idea but it wasn't.  
This is a terrible- no, horrible idea! 
I've been laying on a lounge chair all by myself with huge sunglasses on my face to disguise the fact that my drool is practically landing on the floor.  
That's the only word that keeps popping into my head as I stare at his body.  

I nervously licked my lips as I see everyone hanging out in the pool with each other.  
Even Gabriel is here.  
My phone vibrated on the chair and I immediately grabbed it so I can avoid any awkward stares 
I could see Ivan glance my way a couple of times but I was trying my best to look distracted at the floats in the pool.  

Stop staring and get in the pool!~ Lucia sent at 12:35 p.m.  
Damn. She really does know me well.  
It's not that I'm nervous to go in the pool about my body or anything- I'm nervous because of all the jackasses around me! 
I sighed and obeyed, getting up and lifting the white sun dress over my head.  

Is it bad that I could already tell that Ivan was staring at me? 
I placed the dress on the chair and tried to be as casual as possible as I entered the pool- but it is me that we're talking about, so that actually didn't happen.  
I obviously tripped on staircase as I walked in and thankfully Anna was there for me to catch my balance. 
"I'm so clumsy! It must be because of the sunglasses since they're so dark." I lied through my white teeth as I stood there awkwardly biting my lip.  

Lucia laughed at my response and I forced a smile as everyone carried on talking to one another.  
Ivan's eyes was fixated on me as I stared at Anna for help.  
"Did you hear that gingham skirts are making a comeback?" Anna randomly spoke up and I gave her a thankful smile. "Nope, I had no idea." 
I gently grabbed her wrist under water and motioned her with my eyes to move in front of me.  

I'm totally getting a better view of the show in front of me.  
Anna gave me a slight nod and did exactly as I asked.  
I pretended to stare at Anna but all I could do was stare at him whose back is directly facing me. 
I had to suck in as much air as possible because I thought I was going to pass out at any moment. How could a guy be this attractive? From all angles!  

As my eyes roamed his muscular back something instantly caught my attention. There was dark inking on the left side of his lower back, which was partially being covered by his swim shorts. "You have a tattoo?" The words came tumbling out of my lips before I could even stop them. 
Ivan who was now third wheeling with Alejandro and Lucia turned to look at me and smirked.  

"Why so curious?" He teased and I immediately got all hot and blush being put on the spot like that.  
"It's just a question, don't get all cocky on me now." I warned jokingly and he smiled- a charming smile with those gorgeous white teeth of his. 
Ivan walked over to the edge of the pool where Anna and I was standing. He leaned his arm against the floor and I thought I was physically going to faint.  

"I just wanted something simple that means a lot to me so I got a cross tattooed on me." He said simply, losing the cocky persona and I couldn't help but smile at how far he's come.  
He went from some cocky asshole to some sweet, defending human being around me. 
But, I'm not going to give him all of the benefit of the doubt! Because he could still be a little bit of an ass at times.  

"I never knew you had one," I commented casually as I looked over at Anna to try and keep my cool around him. 
He literally drives my mind crazy, yet he's able to calm my entire body down with just one touch from him. 
"I mean I wouldn't expect you to. Not many people know about it." He chuckled lowly and I felt like an idiot. Why would I need to know that? Why would anyone need to know that? Did I even care if he did?  

"She didn't mean that in a weird way!" Anna defended poorly and I shot her a glance to motion her to shut up before I dig myself into a further embarrassing hole that I have somehow created for myself. 
I bit my lip nervously as he casually played with the wet strands of my hair like a little kid. "Nah, no big deal." Ivan waved all my worries away with his hand and I gave a tiny smile, lifting my sunglasses on top of my head.  

"If I'm going to be completely honest, I don't even think my own family knows." He mentioned as he shook his head in laughter at the thought of that.  
Why did this moment feel suddenly so much? 
Maybe I'm completely delusional, but as soon as his eyes locked with mine and I felt my stomach erupt with millions of butterflies- I don't think I was that delusional after all.  

I feel all sorts of things when I look at Ivan... but I think the aftermath of when Ivan is away from me causes the most damage. 
"I like it," I smiled. 
He immediately returned the smile; his cute boyish grin coming out, one that could make a girl completely weak in the knees. 

His face was only inches away from me and I felt as if the sun was getting hotter and hotter on my back. His minty fresh breath fanned my face and I felt as if my heart was about to explode in my chest at any second. 
"Ivan!" Gabriel called out loudly from behind the door and all I wanted to do was cry out in frustration. That couldn't have destroyed the moment any worst.  

I think Anna was actually enjoying this as she watched with amusement laced in her eyes.  
I completely avoided eye contact with Ivan and turned around to face Anna, forcing a fake smile on my face. 
"Was it gingham skirts that I said was coming back into fashion? No-no, I clearly must've made a mistake! It was blushing red cheeks in return from talking to a hot boy. Now that's back in fashion." She said all giddy with her comment.  

"Thanks, Jess." I remarked sarcastically as I glanced over my shoulder to see Ivan make his way over to his friend.  
And just as I suspected he turned around once more to share one last longing look with me. 

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