Chapter Two

Something is trying to warn me. 

    A girl's ripped body was found behind the library the next day, the police confirmed the carcass was ripped by the same animal that had devoured the boy inside the library and from examination, the girl had died the previous night around 12:00 am to 2:00 am. 

    "This is getting serious," Joy said as she sat down beside Mavis on the bed, applying cream to her face. 

    "I feel everything is connected to my dream. I think something is trying to warn me," Mavis said as the pale girl's face came to her memory. "I'm very sure she was looking at me," she said more to herself this time. 

    "I think you need to talk to someone about your dreams," Joy offered. 


Joy shrugged. "I don't know, maybe someone from Guidence and Counseling or something". 

    "I think I'll do just that," Mavis said lying down on the bed to sleep. 

    "Goodnight," Joy said as she climbed on the bed. 

    "Goodnight," Mavis whispered. She closed her eyes to sleep but had the dream at the verge of deep sleep. 


    The next day was bright and warm, Mavis set for the Guidence and Counselor's office. The reoccurring dream might be the effect of the trauma she had faced four years ago when Alex her younger sister was mauled to death by a lion that had escaped the zoo and all she did was run. She blinked away the tears forming in her eyes. Since Alex died four years ago, she have not been able to forgive herself. 

    I could have saved her. She had always told herself, but everyone kept saying it wasn't her fault. But she had convinced herself that her sister died because of her, because she convinced her sister to go see the lions with her. Since then, she is scared of loving someone as much as she had loved her sister, scared of being close to anyone as much as she had been to her sister and she is scared of loosing a loved one once again, and she has withdrawn from the rest of the world, living in isolation, melancholy and guilt even if she was surrounded by people. 

    Her eyes strayed to the Archaeology department and there stood the girl in her dreams at the entrance of the hall, she ran towards the girl, but she entered the hall. When she got to the hall, the mysterious girl was nowhere to be found. 

    "Looking for me?" a male voice asked behind her.

She turned to find Sidney there with his evil smirk that makes her heart race faster, looking as handsome as ever. 

    Okay, back to your senses. She cautioned herself. 

    "I don't have time for this," she said and made to leave but Sidney blocked her way. 

    "Why do I feel you are stalking me?" 

    "Why do you appear anywhere I go?" she yelled drawing few attention to them. 

Sidney looked around and rested his gaze on her again. "Do you need to shout always? Well, this is my department and who else would you be looking for apart from me?" 

    "You know what? Hug your slime!" Mavis shot and started leaving, but he drew her back by the wrist. 

    "Wait! I haven't even got your name," he said. 

    "Sid!" someone called across the hall. They turned to find a tall, dark, handsome guy and a pretty girl coming towards them. The duo walked up to them. Mavis wriggled free from Sidney's grip. 

    "Hey man," Sidney said to the dark guy who was looking at Mavis. 

    "Is she not the girl from the café? he asked. 

   " Of course, she came looking for me,"Sidney said winking at Mavis. 

  "Stop making everything about you," Mavis said through gritted teeth, her eyes wandering to the other girl's face, thick dark brows, full lashes, large grey eyes and full lips. The girl was beautiful indeed, but she was scowling at Mavis. The tall, dark boy stretched his hand towards Mavis, giving her a smile that exposed his perfect white dentition. 

    Charmer. She thought. 

    "I'm Rodney, Rod for short," said the boy. 

Mavis took the hand but hesitated before saying her name. 

    "I finally got to know your name," Sidney exclaimed. "Not that it's a nice name". 

     "Sid. Check it," Rod warned. He turned to Mavis. "Sorry for that. Sid and I have been friends for a long time now. This is Alyssa our beautiful colleague". 

Alyssa managed to smile at her and gave her a wave. 

    "We were heading to the cafeteria, do you mind joining us?" Rod asked. 

    Not if this bitch stops staring at me like I stole her favorite food. Mavis thought, but she smiled and said:

    "I'm sorry, I'll pass, maybe next time". With that said she turned and walked away. 

    "Oh, your loss," Sidney called after her. 

She kept walking without looking back. She wished she had stayed more, just looking at Sid's handsome face, silently admiring him in her heart and not showing it. As she walked out of the hall, she decided against seeing the counselor. 

    Maybe next time too. She thought. All she wanted now was to go to somewhere calm and quiet and think. 

    Sidney watched her until she disappeared. 

     "I guess this one's a hard nut to crack," Rod said patting his shoulder. 

    "She is playing hard to get," said Sid. 

     "That would be for the first time in the history of Sidney Flynn in this college, for once a girl paid hard to get. That's a sign. But you like her," Rod said. 


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