Chapter Two B: Nightmare

    Linda was like the campus whore, she loves every human with testicles between his legs and she falls in love with any guy who was kind enough to smile at her. She was tall, not pretty, not ugly, just plain. At times, she goes to night class, but everyone knows what she goes to do; to hook up with any guy who smiled at her, but that was where it all ends. 

    Tonight was one of those nights, she dressed up in a skimpy, red gown, put some makeup on. She was going to hunt fresh men. 

    As she stepped into the P Complex hall, she scanned the whole place with her eyes looking for prey. There he was, smirking at her, his smirk aroused her. She walked over and sat adjacent him, giving him a sexy smile. She looked at him from time to time, communicating with him through her eyes. He too was interested, winking at her and smiling too. She stood up after some time and gestured for him to follow her, she left the hall and he follow suit. 

    He saw her at the back of the P Complex building. 

    "Hey," he called in a whisper. 

She walked up to him. "Hello handsome". Her voice was filled with need. She ran her fingers through his chest down to his belt. "So how is it gonna be?" She was already unbuttoning his shirt. 

    "I think people will see us here, can we go some place more private?" 

    "Oh darling, you should know that sex is sweeter when the risk is high. But let's follow your lead". She grabbed his belt, dragging him with her into the darkness. 

    They crossed the P Complex building and went behind the C. E. S. building which was the last building before a small bushy area in that part of the college. 

    "I think this is a perfect hide out," said the boy. 

    "Yes baby," Linda replied already out of her dress. Pulling the boy closer, she said. "Show me the stuff you are made of. Come on". 

    He kissed her hungrily and she returned the kiss grabbing his manhood. They devoured each other as they completely stripped off their clothes. He caressed her breast gently lying her down on the floor. As he was about to slide inside her, they heard a loud roar. 

     They stopped. 

    "What was that?" she asked, her voice quivering with fear. It then occurred to them that a wild animal had been on lease. 

    "I think it's the wild animal or something," the boy replied with fear standing up. "We've got to get out of here immediately," he said wearing his trousers. 

    The beast pounced on him and tore him in two with Linda screaming her voice out. Her legs were  strong enough to carry her as she ran towards the P Complex building forgetting she was naked. 


    Mavis took the remote and put on the television, Linda's haggard face appeared on the screen. She was looking so pale and beaten. 

    "I was with him," she began. "We were... We were mak... ing out, suddenly we heard a loud roar, before we could know what was happening, the beast was on him, it tore him in front of me," she cried. "I... I... It was so sudden, I can't live with the scene!" A female police gave her a tissue paper to wipe her eyes and blow her nose. 

    "Miss Ashby, can you describe the animal you saw?" the police man interviewing her asked. 

    "It was not an animal! It was a beast! It was manlike! It was huge and ferocious". 

   Mavis heart thumped. She shut down the television. 

    "She is so pathetic. Serves her right," Joy snapped. 

Mavis turned to look at her. "That's so callous of you Joy, she is a victim," she said slumping on the bed. "I feel like my dreams are connected to all these and it frustrates me that I don't understand anything. I am so helpless right now". 


   The next couple of days, students were adviced to stop going for there night classes, surveillance cameras were mounted all over the school and the school arena. So some days everyone slept peacefully, no death records were heard, no dead bodies were found, everybody else was at peace except Mavis who kept on having her unexplainable nightmares. 




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