Until I Met You


Before evening most of the students had arrived at the hostel and it was all about introductions and fun. Anjali and Rubina were my other two roommates. Rubi was from Mangalore, Anjali was from out skirts of Bangalore. She hates traveling and so she decided to stay in the hostel. Anjali and I became close in no time and it looked as if we were friends for ages. They say there is no better joy than having a perfect gang in college days. We were all of different natures but were bound by love and friendship. Anjali and I were in journalism department whereas Rubi and Naina were into B.Com.Thats how my perfect college life started. We all went to sleep by 10 at night after having a good dinner at the mess. "Rubi turn off the alarm",I yelled.There was no response from her and I jumped out of my bed turning off the alarm.It was 5:30 in the morning.Naina had went for the morning run and Anjali to the gym and Rubi was having a sound sleep. I took a quick shower and got ready for the college wearing a navy blue salwar. I find this dress very lucky and wear it only on important occasions.


Anjali and Naina came back together after their morning workout. I took my phone and stuffed it inside a golden purse and went to the nearby temple.I sat on the space outside darshan hall looking up at the sky and starring at it. I didn't know for how much time I was sitting there like that, until my phone rang. I took out my phone and it was Anjali. She asked me to  come back to the hostel immediately .I went back to the hostel only to find my room in a complete mess. I stood there in utter confusion. Then Anjali said me it was all Rubi's act, she threw all her belongings out of the closet to find the best dress to wear. We all started to laugh our hearts out that tears started running down. We then cleared the mess and found a perfect dress for her. Anjali wore a knee length navy blue and white striped frock, Naina wore white top with red colour flowered pant and Rubi wore multi coloured top matching with pink pant. Then we all left to the college by 7 30.


We reached the college in five minutes. We searched our classes.My class was in the C block and B. Com in D block so we decided to first explore the college and then reach our classes. While climbing the stairs ....

Harshini Vaskan

Edited: 21.06.2020

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