Unwanted Affections

Chapter 5. Mystery guy

Davina's POV

It's been going great, between Jason and I, he'd move close to me like he wants to kiss me,then I'd feel butterflies in my stomach. I wonder why. My brother and Molly were getting close ,but she was to scared to kiss him,until, I lied to my brother about her being on a date with another guy,he was jealous and then I locked them in the same room and they kissed, I put a camera there so I could see everything they did,yh,I was officially a creep,and they came out both mad at me. What,I did them a favour.


Mandy had been giving me,cold stares after the incident of being drunk,Jason had noticed and tried to help me but it became wore every time Mandy saw me, she'd call me a bitch or slut, I would never ever reply her until today,one of Mandy's friends. Becca,poured cold,very cold water on me 

"Hey bitch next you won't go sleeping and sucking face with my boyfriend,that will teach you a lesson"Mandy said then smirked evily satisfied with what she had done. Molly and Kevin came running with  towels and then drove me home,it was a good thing we already finished classes.

Then Jason came and begged me for Mandy's behaviour towards me but I denied it.

"I should have known being friends with you wasn't a good thing I just wasted precious time" I spat 

"Davina pls it wasn't my fault"he begged

"Yh, it's my fault how could I have repeated the same mistake as last year"I blamed myself 

"Vina ,you know well it wasn't your fault" Kevin tried to console me 

"You know very well it was"I snapped

"Vina,what happened last year ,it was a mistake, I couldn't have avoided it also" Molly also tried

Jason's POV

What the hell were they talking about. Last year ,what happened last year.

I came to Davina's house as soon as I heard what Mandy did to her and she was angry at me ,I don't blame her because the only reason why bad things happen to her was me .Mandy had been giving her cold states and I told her I'd handle everything.

I hated hurting her ,it broke my heart and I began to realise I loved her, I freaking loved Davina Camil. I just wanted to have her in my hand and caress her soft cheeks and kiss her juicy lips to let her know that I wouldn't do any thing to hurt her.

Davina was...

They were all talking, when a tall guy with Golden brown hair, and was wearing a black hoodie.

Everyone but me was shocked Davina was More shocked than Molly and Kevin.

Who was he and what happened last year.




Hey guys, I hope you're all enjoying the story, who do you think that guy is and what happened last year

Comment on what you think....

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Edited: 17.01.2021

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