Van Mystiq

017 - Milkshakes

The big four wheel drive van canted steeply around the barrier that led to the country road and headed South along a curve to a two lane highway. The barrier was subtle and effective camoflage, they'd missed it the first time they driven past.

After they disappeared down the road, a police cruiser pulled out of a hidden laneway down the road and crawled along up to the properties entry.  With a crunch of gravel the vehicle backed into the driveway the team just left, its back end tight to the barrier.  From inside the vehicle you could make out a mumbled radio call.

The response was distorted but the troopers voice was clear through his open window, “Confirming I am in position.”

The reply was terse but affirmative.  The trooper lit a cigarette, it would be a long day.

The van was parked in front of a cafe with large windows facing the street.  The team sat at a booth in sight of the van.

Inside, they had, mostly, finished breakfast.  A waitress approached with a short stack of pancakes, a mass of whip cream on top, “Here you go”, she placed the plate in front of Twitch.

Jax raised an eyebrow at him after the girl walked away, “Thirds?”.

Twitch shook his head, “Seconds” he responded as he placed the stack down on the floor where the dog was facing out from under the booth, his body tucked under the table.

Jax’s bare feet were partially immersed in Skookum’s fur, rubbing him unconsciously.

“Stupid dog” she said.  Twitch raised his eyebrows at her.
From under the table an disgruntled whine was heard over the slurping of pancakes.

“Well he’s gonna get fat, not healthy for ‘im.”, she asserted.

Twitch’s head tilted thoughtfully then he frowned and nodded , "Yeah, more keto maybe."

John rose “We should get going” as he headed to the register “We need to make the call.”

“Two milkshakes to go” Twitch called after John.


“He’s a dog man” Twitch almost succeeded in masking his annoyance.

“Right, Vanilla then?”




Edited: 28.08.2019

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