Van Mystiq

018 - Rip Beach

A stones throw into the water the churning sand started. Looking inland the two brothers stared out into the water.  On the sand behind them were two large towels pinned by stones with an array of gear on them.

"You've gotta keep your eyes open." he fingered the swim goggles hanging around his neck.  "As you pic up speed, there are a few big rocks that come at you pretty fast.  Most you can get around, the flow helps but some you might have to go over."  Mikey explained.

"Around or over the rocks, got it."

"There are a couple of pointy ones you gotta watch, they're not sharp but they can catch an arm or a leg, so stay near the surface."

"OK, stay up top."

"You'll see the pier on your right, it can be pretty clear.  But if it ever stops sliding by, it means you're being drawn in by a runnel."

"A runnel?"

"Yeah, it's like a river in the lake.  You remember the turtles from the lost fish movie?" Jay nodded.

"Some days, the wave action will draw water intp the structure.  They say those big rusty holes at the bottom open into the tunnel system."


"Yeah,too right anyhow I've been caught in one before, just lose the chute and push for the top."

"Lose the chute, got it."

"Let's get strapped."


Edited: 28.08.2019

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