Van Mystiq

030 - The Hotel Room

The small fleck of grey meat left a red spot on the immaculate white shirt.  He removed it with the corner of a handkerchief and rinsed it in the bathroom sink.

He'd have to be more careful at close range. It was disappointing, he liked that shirt; egyptian cotton.

He checked his shirt in the mirror.  Then adjusted his black and gold ring.

He walked around the sofa of the rented room and sat at a folding table set up as a desk. There were two tablets a phone and a laptop, neatly arrayed.

He'd seen the call from Davis. Now that there were fewer interruptions he could get back to work.

The tablet looks to be showing a live video feed of a young women in a cell, shackled to a wall.  He reached for the phone.

After the first ring, his panicked voice answered.

"Davis," the man said, "what appears to be the problem"

There was a rapid and detailed response.

"Yes, I know there are risks with respect to conduct our search during the day."

An admission.

"Well that is a concern but a minor one.  Delay only as much as is necessary."


"Avoid detection.  Understood?"

Confirmation and a question.

"No Davis, those gentlemen are no longer a concern for us.", he said looking down, smoothing his shirt.

He let the answer soak in and then hung up his phone.

He debated changing his shirt but decided he should just leave.  What was learned from the former gentlemen required additional research.  The company was a new piece in the game.


Edited: 28.08.2019

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