The Mysterious Man

I was sitting on my desk , making a new dress design. It is Lydia's birthday tomorrow and she wants all of us to come to her home for her birthday celebrations. Honestly, i know these celebrations are more going to be like a show off of her money. Last time she ordered her chef to make seven story red velvet cake with her name on the top so that everyone could see how wealthy she is. And why am i making a red dress , she would kill me because i gifted her a red dress last birthday. Ughhhh i need to make it violet because she loves that colour.


"Umm excuse me?"

A manly voice rang my ears, i raised my head to have a good look at his face. I had never heard  this kind of voice. He was calm , gentle and his smile was to die for. His complexion was wheatish and he was wearing black jacket and simple jeans with white shirt. He looked like a bad boy ready to take someone's heart. His eyes were dark green with a hint of yellow in it, just like a snake's eyes are. I was so lost in eyes that i forgot to answer his questions.

"Uhh hello?" He snapped his fingers making me come back to the reality.

"Yes, how can i help you?" I asked while looking down, i was blushing because i knew he had noticed my dreamy eyes.

"Can you please tell me where is the head photographer? I was called here for a shoot and i can not find him."  He had creased his forehead.

"Oh yeah you can find Dexter in ....." 

"You can find Dexter in the studio just right to my office." Lydia cut me off and talked to him in a flirty manner. It had been merely three seconds and she already had her hand on his back. 

She looked at me with anger in her eyes and then turned her face and smiled at him.

"Come let me show you and Crystal please concentrate on your work." She walked towards the studio with him. I didn't even get the chance to ask his name.

"Crystal? Do you think he will get the role of main model in our next campaign?" Sarah asked me.

Sarah is my colleague , she is a writer in our magazine.

"Yes he will and do you know why? Because she already likes him."  I looked at the studio's door. No man who has come here has  been safe from her honey talk , he will fall for her too. 

I sighed and picked up violet colour , i had to make her dress according to her colour choice.

*At 2:30 PM*

"Umm your name is Crystal right?" It was him again. 

"Yes it is." I while looking at sketches i made.

"Actually, Lydia told me that you had the form?" 

"Which form?" 

"She wants me to apply for role of main model." He had creased his forehead again. 

I looked at Sarah , who was sitting opposite to my desk with sarcasm in my eyes. She quite laughed in reply.

"Yes i do." I handed out a form to him. He filled it out in a little time.

"Thank you." He gave the form back to me and left.

His name was Anguis , he went to Convent college and he lived in the apartment near to mine. I freaked out at his Apartment's number. His apatment number was 6 and mine was 4. He was my neighbor? I was shocked because i had never seen him before. 

"Give me the form? " Lydia ordered. 

I handed her the form and let out a heavy breath , he had fallen for her trap indeed.

 I picked up my purse and got ready to leave. It was time to get to know my neighbor.

Mahnoor Khan

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