Royal Blood

I had my eyes closed but i was nervous. My hands and legs were shaky and it all happened suddenly.


"Are you okay? You are sweating." Anguis had a certain type of concern in his tone.


"Yes, i'm fine. I don't know what's happening to me." With that i moved. My legs looked like they were under some magic and not under my control. I walked forward straight in the line , my walking speed getting higher every second.

I had opened my eyes now but i didn't know where was i going.


"Crystal wait , where are you going? " He called out from behind.

I heard his screams again , maybe he was transforming  but i was not able to look at him.


"Crystal , stop." I heard his voice again. He was moving at my speed now and by my side but in his original form.


"I can't, my legs they are not under my control.I'm trying to stop but they just seem to be reluctant." I exerted pressure on my legs but all in vain.


"Oh my , you really are a Royal Blood Crystal." He said in astonishment. Consider a snake smiling, that was he doing right now. 


"Stop smiling you stupid serpent and help me out. By the way what do you mean by Royal ..... Woah" My legs had gained more speed and we were not far from a castle but it had red paint on its walls and an enormous python statue was situated on the head of the castle with a crown on its head. 


It clearly meant it was a castle for serpents. I was about to bang my head with the castle's gate because of my unstoppable legs when Anguis shouted.


"Open the gate , She is Athena's daughter." The gates got opened and i stepped in but before i could observe my surroundings my stupid legs moved again. I went inside a giant hall where a big throne with a vermin head was situated. A red python was on that throne , looking at me with her Black eyes. I looked around and saw other snakes too. One was green , other were blue and yellow. But one of them was sitting with the throne and was big in size. Much bigger than any other snake in hall.It was black just like Anguis.


"Who are you?" The black python asked. He looked like some kind of protector of the red one.


"Oh you can talk too?" I was freaking out but from his eyes he looked like he would kill me if i dare to move.


"What do you mean? Of course everyone here can talk. Answer my question young lady, WHO ARE YOU?" He asked but this time in a threatening tone.


"I uhh I'm Crystal, Crystal Liam." I was scared from the look in his eyes.


"Crystal? Are you Athena's daughter?" The red python had raised its head now and was looking directly into my eyes , maybe trying to find out the truth.


"Yes mom , she is Athena's blood " Anguis replied her.


"Where were you?" I was angry at him. He was back in his human version now.


"I was changing my clothes."


"Changing? You were not even wearing one piece of cloth" I rolled my eyes and crossed my hands on chest.


"Fine , i was looking for my clothes. They were in my room. I'm sorry i took some time. "


I looked at the red python and it suddenly jumped at me but in a blink of eye, it transformed without any scream and pain. She looked like she was in her 40's and was wearing a beautiful piece of tiara and beautiful red dress. Wait a second, how was she wearing clothes and Anguis was not?


"Anguis , how is your mom wearing clothes and while transition you were not?" I was annoyed.


"I like getting transformed naked." He laughed. 


"What the hell?" 



"Crystal?" A sweet voice called out my name.It was Anguis's mother.


"Yes? uh mam? " I didn't know what to call her.


"No no , Call me Evel. I need to talk to you in private." She pointed towards a room. I noticed that the black python had transformed too like others around me. He looked aged from face but his body was built , like a bodyguard has.


"Yeah sure." We went inside the room and she closed the door.


"Crystal , now that you are here, I want to tell you something, about your mother's past. She was not an ordinary human or a snake , she was a princess of this world , this kingdom but its in our rules for all the snakes to get education from human's world and get to know them and be their friends. Your mum was sent for education too but as it is said Snakes fall in love at first sight. She fell in love with your father. They were college friends and decided to get married. Athena brought Liam to this world and he kind of accepted this world too but he missed his own world so he made Athena leave this place and come with him. I was your mother's  cousin and her best friend, so she named me Queen regent after her." 


I was not certain what to feel , as i never have had feelings for either of my parents.


"But our systems weaken in human form. Our reproductive system , our immune system and our vision and hearing weakens. She gave birth to you when she was human and at her weakest point. That is the reason she died. She was a White Snake and we all remember her in our memories and in our hearts and now my Lady its your time to take her throne. We all have been waiting for you." 

Mahnoor Khan

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