Mávro vasíleio

“Crystal? Crystal? Get up. ” It was Anguis’s mother,Evel. Since my arrival she has taken care of me like her own real daughter. Its like i have a connection with her. A really deep one.

“Get up Crystal. Freshen up and come down for Breakfast.” She said in her sweet and calm manner.

“Uh can i ask you a question?” I was confused.

“Yeah sure.”

“You know m still a human being and i can not eat anything raw. I mean anything killed. You know what i mean right?” I lowered my eyes.

“Crystal i know we are predators but we can eat Pancakes and everything just like a human being except some herbs of course.” She smiled at me but to me that smiled looked sarcastic.

After freshening up , i went down. I saw everyone sitting at the table. The aroma of Pancakes was spread in the hall.I sat next to Anguis.

“Hey? Did you sleep well?” He whispered in my ear.

“Yeah but why are you whispering? Why aren’t you talking normally?” I was puzzled.

“That’s because we are not allowed to talk while eating. My mom thinks its kind of humiliating for food.” He whispered again.

“Humiliating?” I asked.

“Yup. Hey wanna go out for a stroll? ” He smiled at me , it made me remind how he smiled for Lydia.

“You mean i will be walking and you will slither? No thank you.” I rolled my eyes.

“Actually the serpentine movement here is not called slither.Its called lateral undulation.” He declared.

Good now he was the one giving me lessons.

“Whatever it means the same thing.”

“Fine you win. Now will you please come with me for a stroll? I promise i won’t transform.” He requested.

“Fine. I’ll go with you but please lets eat first.”

“Oh okay.” His smile got wide.

After breakfast, we left for a walk around the castle.

“So did you choose someone? I mean a suitor? ” He looked curious.

“I was thinking about your brother, that blue python?” I was trying to irritate him, maybe he did like me and just never spoke up?

“The blue one?” He his eyes got wide open.

“Yeah, what was his name?

“His name is Glisser.” He had sadness on his face.

" What happened? You look sad ?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to ask that you really did not think about me as your suitor? Your protector?”

“I did but then i thought that he would be doing lateral undulation and transforming without clothes so i thought it would be much better to choose someone else.”

I wanted to laugh but i could not. He was really getting serious about this. Couldn’t he figure out i was kidding?

“Really?” He looked disturbed and rubbed his finger on his forehead.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, i’m fine. I was thinking about the first time we met and you stared at me with those dreamy eyes. I thought you liked me. I uh am sorry , i should not have thought of you. I shouldn’t have. I am sorry... I please forgive..”

I hugged him at that instance , my body felt at peace and his stiff body was calm. He hugged me tighter like he did not want me to go.After few minutes , we broke the hug. I took his hands in mine.

“I don’t like you Anguis. I love you.” I kissed his hands. They were so soft like a feather.

“This means you’ll marry me?” He was stunned.

“Only if you propose me on one knee , like humans do?”

He sat on one knee , taking my hands in his.

“Crystal Liam , my Queen. Will you marry me and make me the happiest serpent alive on this world?”

“Yes, idiot. Yes, i will.”

He picked me up in a hug and swirled me around. Wow, i never thought i’d get to be with someone like him.

"Can i ask you something Anguis?" 


"How did you find out i was the one , you were looking for?"

"Remember the day you sat in park , wishing your parents were alive? I was there too. I was tired because i had  been looking for you since 2 years and i had not found a single piece of evidence. I heard you and did a background check , when i found out from your neighbors that your father was Liam. That was when i got to know you were the one."

"Thank god you found me." 

"HAHA yes , you were tired of Lydia." 

"Yup." I smiled at him. 

We walked for half an hour , when we saw a Castle far away.

“Hey? I don’t think that is the castle we live in right? ”

“Nope , its not. This Castle is called Mávro kástro meaning Black Castle and that Kingdom is called Mávro vasíleio which means ..."

"The Black kingdom." I forenamed.

"Yes. There used to be a Cobra. He had this vision that males should be the leaders instead of females and that Queens are weak. He told your ancestors about it but everyone declined. So he took an oath that he will return and impose this vision, this rule on us. " 

"Then what happened?" 

"He went to Human's world and indulged himself in Black magic. When he came back he was really powerful but he could not get in the castle as its a sacred place for evils like him but then when your mom left , we were on our weakest point so he attacked again. Athena came back when she heard of it and she kicked them out. I still remember my mom saying that he stood on the main gate , threatening us with our lives. It is said that he will come back , we are just not sure of his timing. You know the cobra who rules over there is called King Cobra. Due to black magic now he is able to take on anyone's form but he can not convert himself into a white snake. That is how we are able to trust our leader. My mom never left castle in her life because she knew the kingdom would be in danger if she got out."

Mahnoor Khan

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