Rage And Revenge

The women in red dress looked at me from head to toe. She thought something was wrong with me. I was fine but i was shocked because i did not know the place and its people. Had i blacked out or something? I don't remember anything , until the night i was scolded by Mr Crimson. 

"I need to go home." I told a guy with wheatish complexion , his eyes looked familiar. I had seen them somewhere but i don't know where.

"This is your home , Darling." I felt a pang in my heart. No one had called me with this much love in their tone.

He cupped my face in his hands. His hands , his scent they all felt familiar but i could not remember anything, It was like i had lost some pieces of puzzle and the puzzle was incomplete without them.

We were looking into each others eyes, my brain processing everything in seconds.When we heard a loud bang on the gates of castle.

"You need to take her, Anguis." The women in red dress came running in room.

"Mom? What happened?" 

"They have attacked us. The King Cobra have attacked the castle. You need to take her away." 

"But mom there is only portal that i know of and that too is far from the castle." 

"There is another portal. In your room , behind your closet. Go now." She ordered us and scurried away. 

The portal opened directly into the parking lot of apartments where i lived. We hurried our way to my apartment and he locked the door as to make everyone think i was not at home. I turned on TV and found out i had spat on Lydia.When did this happen? He told me about everything. How we met , who was my mother , who was her killer but my mind it seemed to go blank when he talked about it.

The doorbell ringed. 

"Anguis let me in , its Evel." He opened the door for his mom.

"I know the cure for Crystal's disease but have you ever kissed her?" The question made me blush.

"No , Mom we've not kissed yet." 

"Anguis?Are you really my son? Because i had kissed your dad when i chose him. " She frowned.

"Mom we didn't get the chance." 

"A person has to create chances , i can't believe. You are 22 and you've not kissed her yet."

"Mom , i thought you were here for someone's cure but instead that you are lecturing me about my first kiss."

"Wait a second? First kiss? When i was 18  had kissed your dad , i don't even remember the count."

"Mom i was looking for her for 2 years to be exact. Remember?"


"Please Mom , do what you're here for."

Anguis had crossed his hands on his chest and his mother turned to look at me.

"Crystal, do you have a rope?" She asked.

"Uhh yeah maybe its in balcony." 

She brought the rope and handed it over to Anguis.

"Tie her to the chair." She said while giving the rope to him.

"Tie? What? Why?" I yelled.

He took me from my hand and made me sit on the chair. He tied my hands and then my legs to the chair with the rope. A cloth gag was put in my mouth to stop me from speaking. His mother folded her sleeves up and settled her thumbs on each of my eye. She then exerted pressure on my eyes. The pain was unbearable but i could not even scream. I felt a thing coming out from my ear, something small but i could feel its movement.She exerted more pressure in order to make it come out more. 

"Here it is, the memory stealer."

I saw a little snake , so little it could go into anyone's brain through ear hole. I felt my brain losing consciousness. I fell asleep , a long peaceful sleep.

 I woke up to Anguis looking at me , he was holding my hand. He looked gloomy. 

"Are you okay?" He kissed me on my forehead.

"Yes , i'm fine and yes i remember everything.Where is your mom?" 

"She left, she had to go back to the castle to fight along with my dad." 

We were quiet but we held hands much tighter than the previous day. Evel came running in our room. She was bleeding and badly bruised.

"Mom? Are you okay?" 

She was crying and hugged Anguis. 

"Anguis, Your dad. He is gone.They killed him and he died protecting me but for saving this kingdom you both need to get married tomorrow or it will get too late." 

She hugged him again and cried. Anguis's eyes were filled with rage and revenge and something told me if not for his mother's sake he would've gone to kill the King Cobra.

Mahnoor Khan

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