What Went Missing!!!


After Nicole came back , Mr.Pilson made sure the house is a place where people can live in it again , he even offered her to change her room but she didn't want to , as there were many memories , and she wasn't ready to let go of them yet ,she wanted very much to take her life back but she had to go to that medical examination first to check on her as a routine after she was gone for that long, she didn't want her father to go with her so he asked Mike to take her instead , but she remained silent all the way to it and all the way back "So how it went ?" Mike asked while he was driving "Pretty much nothing , different questions same answer.. don't know , can't remember" Nicole replied, Mike looked puzzled

"You really don't remember all those previous years ?"

She shaked her head with no "nope nothing like a blank page"

"So how you feel ?" He asked the question but then felt it was a really stupid one and wished to take it back. She looked at him and said "you tell me , I don't have any clue about what happened in those past six years , I have many mixed previous old memories that are so blurred to me to a point I don't know what was real and what wasn't , I'm apparently almost 21 years now but who's counting ? , I can't drive ,I have no work , no boyfriend, I missed many important events in my life, my prom , my graduation , I don't even know for sure if my first kiss memory is true or one of my illusions" Nicole seemed frustrated so he smiled to her

"If we're talking about same memory then it's not an illusion"

"So we did kissed ?" Nicole said with joy to finally find something to be sure of

"Yepp once in a spin the bottle game" Mike said

"Wow I remember that , it was nice day but I remember Courtney was mad about it "

"Really why?!"

"I don't know if you noticed it but she used to have a crush on you , so do you hear from her?"

"No not really" Mike thought not to mention how close he used to be with Courtney the past few years so she won't feel left out , he didn't want to pile on her or at least this was his excuse

"I miss her so much" she said

"Yeah I bet she does too"

"You know what's funny this town is the same , nothing much changed " As they arrived at Nicole's house ,her dad was waiting for them .

"Hang on a second you know what I just noticed I haven't told you how Mike and Mr.Pilson looked like?" said the girl who was telling the story then she crossed her legs while she was sitting on that white bed and continued "well I hope you really excuse me but I was so carried away by the story any way her father was a neurosurgeon ironic right?anyway he was tall man with blue eyes and grey hair so according to his age you could could consider him as an attractive man " then her eyes shined "and Mike..was by every word in ever dictionary a cute guy average height ,white ,dark soft hair ,dark eyes, childish smile ,he was really cute , so now back to our story " and then she continued telling the story .

Mike noticed that her father hugged her as soon as she entered but she didn't seem to feel it like he did and made it a quick hug.

"I've just hung up with your doctor" Mr.Pilson said "Of course you did" Nicole said with irony Mr.Pilson looked at her and then at Mike implying to her that they needed to talk on private "It's okay dad , you can talk in front of Mike"

"Well he said that everything looked fine with you except that old burn you have "

Nicole looked at the floor , she wished her doctor wouldn't mention that to her father but he did.

"I don't want to pressure on you but I just want to make sure you're safe" Mr.Pilson said after feeling that he could be putting her under much pressure than she could bear but he can't help it he's a father after all and that's what fathers do , they worry.

"Like I answered the doctor I don't remember "

"Are you sure you're not afraid of anyone?"

" No I'm fine ,who would I be afraid of ? " then she looked at Mike who was watching them silently "Sorry Mike , but today was so stressful so I'm gonna head to my room now"

"Sure no problem" Mike hugged her and left but her father couldn't stop worrying so he knocked her door after Mike had left


"It's me honey , can I come in?"

"No sorry dad but I'm changing and then I'll have some sleep"

"Okay , I just wanted to check on you , if you didn't want to say anything in front of Mike.." before he continued she interrupted him and started talking behind the door

"Dad I meant it .I really can't remember how this burn happened but the doctor said it's old so probably it happened when I was a kid and playing or something "

"Yeah you're right , have nice sleep "

"Thanks dad" She leaned her head at the door and silently with tears said to herself "I wish I could forget"

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