What Went Missing!!!


"You're not supposed to be the one who opens the door" Courtney said ironically because she was surprised to see Mike at Nicole's at such early time and looking like he just had woke up which clearly meant that he spent the night there which made her think what could have happened too?

"Hey Courtney..you know I can explain" Mike smiled to her but he looked so nervous to see her.

"Yeah?..good I'm waiting"

"Who is it Mike?" Nicole asked as she got down stairs.

"You won't believe it it's Courtney" Mike was talking very nervously

"What ?" Nicole was so excitedly happy that she ran to the door "Oh my God Courtney , look at you , you look so pretty" of course Nicole didn't recognize Courtney easily after those years Courtney was really a sweet, outgoing girl , you know the girl next door that always smiles to you and act nice to you? ,that was her got what I mean? , she was blonde and of same height of Nicole's, she used to be on the nerd's list because of her long straight hair and the braces she used to wear which gave her that geeky look but she lost that look now.

"You too" Courtney said , they both were screaming and jumping out of enthusiasm "I love your new hair " Nicole was still jumping.

"Yeah I cut it, maybe you should do the same" Courtney noticed that Nicole needed to do something with her long hair and buy new clothes that matches her age at that time because even the pj she was wearing gave the idea that she was still in middle school.

"Mike look at us the three musketeers are back " Nicole said excitedly Mike smiled to them , he couldn't say he was so excited as they were in fact looking at them jumping and screaming like that made his heart jump too but out of anxiety because all what he could think of how much he was in trouble "this can't be good" he thought . Nicole made Courtney sit on the sofa where she found Mike's jacket, she gave him a weird look "So tell me everything about you now" Nicole said.

"Well I'm sure Mike already gave you all the news" "What?" Nicole look confused, Mike stepped in quickly before Courtney say any more "Yeah I just didn't mention that we may go to medical school together" which made Courtney confused by what he said.

"Really wow , this is great" Nicole felt really thrilled but also she felt she was the only one who had no plans or know nothing about her future in addition to her past too that was kind huge for her but she tried to fake her excitement as much as possible. Courtney on the other hand was killing Mike by her looks, he knew she had a lot to say and that she wanted him to explain all that mess so he thought to make Nicole leave the room so he can have a talk with Courtney in private.

"Okay why don't we go get some breakfast so we can all catch up?" Mike suggested Courtney looked at him with one eye and said faking a smile "sure let's go"

"Okay Nicole you go get dressed and we will wait for you here"

"Sure" Nicole went upstairs and Mike took Courtney outside to talk "Okay Mike you have like few minutes to explain all this chaos to me before I kill you " Courtney said angrily

"Okay just calm down and please lower your voice"

"What the hell is going on?"

"First of all why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

"Hey I called you many times but you didn't answer and don't change the subject what's up?" "I may not.. have told her that we went to college together"

"What?" Courtney got angrier "It wasn't just the college that we shared and you know it or have you forgotten?"

"You look pretty, haven't I told you that?" Courtney hit him so hard in his leg.


"Mike you didn't tell her that we are dating?"

"I might have left out this detail" she looked him furiously.

"So is that a new shirt?" she hit him again

"Aww, that really hurts"

"Really?" she was about to punch him

"Okay ,okay I can explain it's just when I first saw Nicole she looked so lost I didn't want to pile on her by letting her feel she was the only one with no life , we still don't know what really happened to her"

"Yeah and what school you think is best for her?" Courtney said ironically.


"You're speaking as if you're her parent, you're her friend, you don't have to do all that "

"Fine you go tell her yourself"


"Cool" Courtney thought about for a second then came back biting her nails.

"So?" He asked as he felt she changed his mind because he knows she bites her nails when she has second thoughts about something.

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