What Went Missing!!!


They kept a while inside and when they got out Nicole was still shaking "What's wrong?" Mike asked in big worry that Courtney noticed but she was more concerned about Nicole to concentrate on that whatever it was going on with him,

"I don't know I entered and I found her like that" Courtney replied.

"Come here sit down" Mike said and then yelled at the waiter in the coffee shop "can we lower the air conditioner please"

"Mike the air conditioner is already off" Courtney told him, Mike put his jacket on Nicole and asked her with concern, "What's up with you?"

"Please I'm sorry please stop" Nicole was saying in pain.

"Who's she's talking to?" Courtney asked with curiosity but Mike wasn't giving much care about that as he the care about how Nicole was feeling "I don't know she's clearly in shock , let's take her home" he said.

They put her in her bed and after her doctor came he gave her something to sedate her , and it made her sleep.

Courtney was sure worried about her friend but she couldn't help but notice how her boyfriend seemed much more worried and kept checking on her every now and then "Why didn't you take her to the hospital?"

"I don't know but when Nicole did that examination I told you about, I had a feeling that she doesn't want to go there again"

"Mmm , you know I noticed the doctor telling you that she has to go to a shrink , doesn't she ?"

"No, her father tried with her so hard but she totally rejected the idea"

"But she needs therapy Mike, God only knows what made her in such a terrible state but she was clearly in huge nervous shock"

"Well the last thing before that we were with James" Mike said then he looked at Courtney like he might got it and said "could it be that?"

"Yeah but that was long ago, James is good to us now" Courtney said.

"But Nicole doesn't know that, she didn't stay for those events"

"You mean to Nicole James is still the bad guy " "Not just that to her Blair and all her friends still exists and I bet when she saw us getting so along with him , she felt like we're sleeping with the enemy and that must have terrified her and made her feel she's not safe anymore"

"Okay then, when she wakes up we'll let her know everything"

They stayed a while till they heard something in Nicole's room "Seems like she's up now"

They both went to her room "Hey Nicky how you doing now?" She didn't reply , Courtney looked at Mike wondering what they should do "Listen Nicole we want to tell you something " Mike said. They got closer to her but she didn't blink even and couldn't look straight at them, Mike was right she felt she couldn't trust them.

"We know that you think it's weird that we were talking to James but you missed a lot of what happened " Courtney started talking then Mike continued "After you left, almost everything changed, in fact they started treating us good they even apologized to us about everything.

Nicole looked at them coldly and said in quite tone ironically with no expressions,

"So now I should expect that the whole gang would join us to movies?"

"No not really because few months after our second year in high school they all had a terrible accident with their car and no one could make it ,James was lucky enough to change his mind about not joining them at the last minute" Courtney said looking sorry.

"So you mean they all died except James?" Nicole asked quietly.

"Yeah " Nicole started imagining how the accident was and how they were feeling while they were inside the car that's rolling over knowing for sure that they wouldn't have survived. Courtney on the other hand watched Nicole's expression and reaction while they were talking to her and she figured out that she wasn't sorry for how their lives ended on the contrary her expressions remained the same if not relieved, she found it cold and cruel of Nicole to feel that way.

"I think you should go now because I still feel tired and I want to go back to sleep again" Nicole said. Courtney and Mike looked at each other and then said "sure we'll let you rest"

They stayed a while till Nicole fell asleep again then they both decided to go to sleep.

"I think I'll go to sleep too" Courtney said "So we'll just leave her alone?"Mike asked.

"Actually we've decided earlier that I'll stay with her, I don't think she has changed her mind about that"

"Yeah?! That's great then I'll be the one who leaves" Mike said with hesitation.

"Yeah see you tomorrow, good night" Courtney approached him and kissed him but Mike was so afraid that they would be seen by Nicole.

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