What Went Missing!!!


The next morning Courtney woke up and saw Nicole looking at the mirror "Rise and shine" Nicole said in normal voice not happy not ironically just normal which freaked out Courtney.

"Good morning honey when did you wake up?" "Just did..excuse me I'll go take my shower"

"Sure" Courtney said with little suspicion , she felt something different with her when Nicole entered the bathroom anyway she got out of the bed and started walking in the room , she looked at the pictures that Nicole was hanging on the wall , pictures of them together , which made her remember the first day she met Nicole.

Courtney and Mike were already friends when Nicole came to town, she had just moved in with her father but she first saw her at school, when the English teacher introduced her to the class as the new student, she then remembered how Blair and her friends used to make fun of Nicole since her first day, don't get it wrong nothing personal, they used to make fun of everyone at school, though Nicole didn't look nerdy she just used to have pony tail for her long hair but her problem was that she was always quite, maybe if Nicole had stood up for herself from the very first time everything would've changed but guess we'll never know now.

"That's the new girl, I heard she had moved out after her father killed her mother"

"No her mother killed herself"

"Probably she got bored by looking at her face every day" Blair and her friends were whispering at the cafeteria and Courtney heard them so she took her lunch and went to sit with Nicole who was sitting alone, Courtney up till now remembers Nicole's sad eyes "Hi you're Nicole right ?..l'm Courtney" she introduced herself.

"Hi" Nicole said in sad quite tone.

"Can I join you?"

Nicole smiled to her "Sure"

"So Nicole, how you find our town so far?"

Nicole looked at Blair's table then got back to Courtney and said "Mean"

"Yeah forget about them, just ignore them ..my friend Mike didn't come today but when he comes tomorrow you should meet him, we even could be the three musketeers" Courtney said excitedly to make Nicole happy and that's how they started the story of their pictures on the wall and the story of their good friendship.

Courtney wasn't the only one who was thinking of the old memories Mike also when he was taking shower he spaced out remembering the first time he met Nicole too and just the thought of it put a smile on his face, it was the same day but at night he was riding his bike, she was taking the trash out, he was so close of hitting her "Sorry, I'm so sorry are you okay?"Mike asked her.

"Yeah I'm fine" he got the trash that she dropped out of fear.

"You shouldn't ride in dark like that, don't you get scared?" Nicole asked him.

"No I'm used to"

"How you see? Are you vampire?"

He laughed "Could be"

She continued "Well you should be aware then because I'm being trained to be a vampire slayer" Nicole said jokingly.

He laughed "Cool..I'm Mike by the way" he said shaking hands.

"I'm Nicole" she smiled to him.

Nicole Bristow 101

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