What Went Missing!!!


As they entered the club, Nicole had many flashbacks but they were so rapid that, she couldn't understand any of them "So?"Courtney asked when she saw her spaced out, but Nicole nodded no in despair "nothing, I got nothing" "Well don't worry" Courtney said.

"Let's have fun then" Mike said with excitement to get Nicole out of the mood.

They all sat together and watched people dancing then Courtney said "You know Nicky, I once dated a guy who kept telling me how much he's a great dancer but after we started dancing, everyone laughed at us" Nicole laughed.

Mike knew she was talking about him, he gave her "I'll kill you" look then said "don't pick on the guy, maybe he had a new style or something"

"Yeah a new style of people making fun of him" Courtney said teasing him but Nicole didn't get it of course.

"Well Courtney don't you want to dance?" He took her hands, Courtney was happy by that move and she whispered in his ears "I thought you don't want her to know that we were dating?"

"I won't but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun" he smiled to her.

"I hope you don't embarrass me then" she said jokingly.

"Very funny" he said.

Mike decided to give their relationship a second chance, a chance they both deserve it, he couldn't just throw two years of his life just like that.

"Well seems you got improved" Courtney said while they were dancing.

"Yeah, we just don't dance a lot"

"Can you blame me after that incident?"

"Oh come on give me a break I had many drinks that night and I was tired"

"Yeah keep telling yourself that" she teased him again.

"Oh really?" He said and then spinned her.

When they came back Nicole was waiting for them.

"Nice dancing" Nicole said

"Yeah it was fun" Courtney said with thrill, she was really happy because it's been long since they acted like a couple.

"So Nicole let's go hit the bar" Courtney said.

"I never drank before"

"Don't worry we'll just go find something to drink plus we can ask the bartender if have seen you before"


As they went close to the bar, Courtney ordered some Martini for her.

"One other thing, have you seen my friend before?"

The bartender who was so cute, brown hair, brown eyes and had a really good figure looked closely at Nicole while she was standing so quite and said "I'm sure if I have seen your friend before I would've remembered her and I'm not even good with remembering faces"

Courtney understood that he was flirting with Nicole. Then he continued "but I think she's familiar" He said while still smiling to her a flirt smile.

"Thank you then" Courtney said.

"Sure here's your drinks" He gave Courtney her drink and gave Nicole something else other than what Courtney ordered.

"I didn't order that" Nicole said.

"I know, it's my treat" he said.

"Thanks" she said

"I'm Owen by the way, if you needed anything you can come to me, I owe this the place" he said while still smiling to Nicole.

"Really? Nice job then" Courtney said.

"Yeah it was so hard at first but I finally managed to turn it from a small bar to that club that you are looking at now"

"Why you're still serving in the bar then?" Nicole broke her silence and asked quietly.

"I just do it sometimes for fun and I guess today it was for my luck"

Courtney smiled to Nicole.

"Excuse me I'll go see something" Owen said.

"So?" Courtney said with enthusiasm.

"What?" Nicole asked with ignorance on her face.

"He's so into you" Courtney said excitedly "Who?"Nicole asked.


"I don't think so" Nicole scoffed.

"Are you kidding me, it's so clear"

"Yeah?" Nicole asked weirdly.

"Totally, I bet when he comes he'll ask you out" "Oh my God what should I do?" Nicole said anxiously.

"To such a guy, you should say ok" Courtney said normally since that should be the normal response for such a cute guy.

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