What Went Missing!!!


Leaving Nicole alone in the house wasn't easy for her, she didn't leave the house, in fact she didn't even leave her room, and barely her bed, she locked her room and stayed in it the whole day, she thought of calling any of them with the new cell phone that Mike and Courtney took her to buy few days earlier like million times but every time she left the phone before dialing the number, all that time she spent it alone reminded her of the time she spent alone when she was little the few weeks before her mother killed herself, the time she found her mother dead, she wasn't aware that she passed away at first, she just thought she lost conscious or asleep after all she was a little kid who never thought she might lose her mother like that and by her own choice, she also remembered the bad times she had in middle school especially the times she told no one how much she was suffering from, all those memories were haunting her, then she couldn't think of anything else except Bonnie and the fun time she was having with her, even when she told her about what she was dealing with in school, she kept joking that they should hijack them or do something about it, remembering Bonnie put a smile on her face and she didn't know why but she started to feel safe again, at the end of the day she started to have that huge headache again so she decided to sleep.

Nicole Bristow 101

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Story about: romance, suspence, small town

Edited: 01.03.2019

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