What Went Missing!!!


After their dinner, Owen drove with Nicole to some other place but in open air where they can see the stars to add some romance to the date.

"Where are we going?" Nicole asked with concern, she had always had trust issues, which made her question everyone's intention.

"You'll see" Owen said with a smile.

He pulled over and they sat on the car staring at the sky.

"The sky looks beautiful tonight "Nicole said while looking up.

"Not just the sky" Owen looked at Nicole with a flirting smile which made her blush big time.

"So tell me Owen, you really seem young for a guy with business, how did you do that?"

"Well I started working at the bar at first, the owner loved me so much, so he taught me everything about the place, at first I used it to pay for my college but then I loved it so much and dropped the whole college thing"


"Yeah, you know what's the secret to be good bartender?"

Nicole was listening with interest to him.

"To be a good listener"

"Really?" She said with wonder.

"Yes it's not about the cocktails or these stuffs but you have to be a good listener because all people who come to drink a lot they mainly have something they want someone to listen to, like going to a shrink but not everyone likes idea of going to shrink but most of them will like to drink" "Yeah maybe, good point" She said.

"Trust me, you know I met almost all categories the doctors, the lawyers, the married, the single everyone, for instance, I still remember years ago before I own the place a man came to me, he was a doctor I think, he didn't tell me but sounded to me like a one, anyway he used to come every day blaming himself for cheating on his wife and instead of coming clean he totally lied about it and convinced his wife that it is all in her head"

Nicole seemed very touched by the story and said "Then what?"

So he continued "I don't really know he wasn't very obvious but he kept blaming himself for all the consequences that happened after that, I never really got it all, not all his words made sense , the weird thing is that every night he got wasted so much that he wouldn't remember anything the next day so he kept telling the story over and over, I never stopped worrying about him or what he could be doing in such condition but there was nothing I could really do after all plus I used to see him the next day"

"You could've kept more eyes on him so he wouldn't hurt himself or anybody else" Nicole was very interested in the story.

"You seem really sweet Nicole, but unfortunately I can't watch every one comes to me and I was still in high school, I barely could take care of myself but I never forgot him, of course I don't remember how he looked I'm not good with faces, but I still remember his story and how he used to blame himself everyday"

"Well he should" Nicole seemed moved by the story which made Owen noticing small tears in her eyes, he whipped them away and smiled at her liking how sweet person she was.

"According to what you said I think he should blame himself for everything".

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