What Went Missing!!!


While they were still sitting together a little bug started crawling on Nicole's hand which made her scream very hard, Owen got it of her and was about to crush it.

"No don't" Nicole stopped him he looked at her weirdly.

"I know it's crazy but I always think that these bugs have families that are waiting for them to come home safe"

Owen laughed admiring her purity as if she was a little child.

"But you seem to get scared very much of bugs" "They are one of my biggest fears" She said.

"Be careful then, anyone could use this against you" He said it jokingly, but what he said brought up some bad memories to her.

When she was in her first year in middle school Blair locked her in an old room in the school as a sort of some prank but it was full of many insects, Nicole was scared to death and she kept screaming but no one heard her, she left her for an hour before she let her out but Nicole didn't think of it as a joke and she was too scared that she never told anyone about it.

When she remembered that, she felt scared again and had a frightened look like the one you get when you watch a horror movie.

"You're okay" He said with worry when he saw how her face looked.

"Yeah, I'm just feeling cold" She said.

Owen took off his jacket and put it around her "Here, take my jacket" He looked at her eyes while he was putting the jacket on her.

"You have very beautiful eyes" he came close to her and wanted to kiss her but she wasn't totally in the moment after all that memories "Thanks"

She cleared her throat and said "Can we get back now it's getting colder and I'm getting tired too" "Sure" He said, he felt Nicole was annoyed but he didn't what he made wrong so she could look like that and spent all the time back to her house quite.

Mike kept waiting by the window for Nicole to come back from her date till he saw Owens's car stopping, and he saw Owen walk her to the door. Mike felt his heart was hurting big time and thought to himself "that's it he's gonna kiss the girl I love now, oh my God is this how break heart feels?" He said painfully.

Mike was watching them "what?" He said to himself as he saw Owen leaning to Nicole but she kissed him on his cheek and smiled to him.

She went to inside, Mike returned quickly to sit on the couch and held his phone acting like he was doing something on it.

"Hey Mike you're still up?" She asked.

"Yeah I was just looking at something and completely lost time ...so how was your date?"

"It was fine, Owen seems really like a nice guy but I just felt it wasn't what I needed"

"Maybe you're not ready yet" He said.

"Maybe, but I think..." She took a breath then continued "Maybe it's me"

"No I doubt it, probably you didn't just click" He said.

"Yeah whatever anyway I'll go to bed now"

"Yeah sure good night Nicky" Mike was so happy that Nicole's date didn't turn as he feared.

Nicole went upstairs, Courtney wasn't asleep but she faked it she didn't want to talk to anyone about anything especially Nicole.

Mike on the other hand left to his parents' house with huge smile on his face; he felt he was over the moon.

Both Mike and Courtney stayed up all night but each for different reasons and though they didn't like it they settled on the same decision.

Nicole Bristow 101

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