What Went Missing!!!


The next day Mike was determined to do what he decided, he was eager to go and start his new life the way he wanted; the point was he didn't know how he would start it.

Courtney barely slept either, when Nicole woke up, Courtney thought of asking her how her date though she knew it wouldn't change very much anything.

"So how was last night?" Courtney asked.

"It was fine"


"But nothing just it wasn't like I thought the butterflies, all these stuffs, call me outdated but I thought it be like movies" Nicole said.

"Not all first dates work well, sometimes you need second chances"

"Yeah perhaps, you know Courtney sometimes I feel like Captain America, he was frozen for many years and when he got out he couldn't cope with the new life or go back to the old one like that, he couldn't get the new technology, like in that scene he couldn't handle them cursing, and all the team used to call him the old man" Nicole laughed , Courtney didn't really get that reference because she wasn't very much into Avengers stories but Nicole was referring to Avengers movie part two called "Age of Ultron"

Nicole smiled and said "Whatever I never felt I fit anyway" Courtney watched her for a while, while she was talking, she wasn't really focusing on what Nicole was saying but instead she was thinking of everything that had been happening since Nicole came back and everything that was happening before she left, she felt something was absurd about all that.

She was so drowned in her thoughts till she heard the sound of Mike's car wheels "Seems like Mike is here" Nicole said excitedly.

"Yeah" Courtney said while still busy with her thoughts.

"Hey Mike" Courtney said in normal way Mike noticed her weird welcome.

"Hey Courtney, hey Nicky, so how's everything going with both of you?"

"Cool" Courtney was still in the same condition "So Mike you want something for breakfast?" Nicole asked with delight.

"Thanks I'm fine but coffee and some pancakes would be nice" He said.

"Okay" Nicole said.

Mike was looking at Courtney who was looking at Nicole; he knew something was different with her. "Courtney can I borrow you for a minute?" He came close and told her in low voice.

"Ok" Courtney said.

"Nicky we'll go outside for a while till you finish the coffee and pancakes" He said.


They got outside the house to be able to talk freely, Mike stayed quiet for a while, and he didn't know how to start.

"Actually Courtney there's something I want to talk to you about" he was talking seriously.

"Me too" She said in serious tone too.

He still didn't manage to start talking.

"Okay, so tell me Courtney how you doing?"

"Mike you only left me few hours ago get to the point, or you know what let me save you all that awkwardness"

Mike was looking to her with concern.

"I know what you want to say" She said.

"You do?" He asked surprisingly.

"Yeah but this is not what I wanted to talk to you about now"

"So what is it?"Mike asked conservatively.

"First of all let me tell you that both subject are irrelevant and I'm not going to prevent you from doing anything you want, you do what you want

"What's up Courtney? you're making me worry" He said.

Courtney took a deep breath and said "Okay here it comes, don't you feel something strange about Nicole?"

"Like what?" Mike narrowed his eyes not getting what she was aiming at. "One day she's happy, one day she's not, one day she's excited then she's quite"

"I guess this is normal after what she has been through" He said.

"Yeah that's it, what exactly for God's sake she has been through? Do you know? Do I know? Does anybody even know?"

"What are you saying...I think she's the same Nicole we have always known" Mike said.

"Totally the same Nicole, the same Nicole, with lots of secrets and lots of hidden things" She started to talk in higher tone because of all the mixed emotions she had been having.

Courtney was moving her hands while talking so emotionally, she was practically shouting.

"Look at me Mike don't you notice that Nicole talk normally like us?"

"What?" Mike asked weirdly.

"She doesn't talk like a 14 girl Mike" Courtney said stressing on the words, she doesn't say homies, she doesn't say chill out, she doesn't use references we used to say when we were even in high school"

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