What Went Missing!!!


Mike spent the night on the couch but he couldn't fall asleep he was still hoping that Nicole would open the door at anytime but she didn't.

Just when he was getting sleepy he heard a huge scream from Nicole's room, so he rushed quickly to it that he tripped over few steps but he didn't care he opened the door, she was still in bed so he realized she was having a nightmare a really bad nightmare.

He came close to her "Nicole are you okay?" he asked with worry.

"Please don't do that" she wasn't answering him, she was clearly still asleep but she was shivering so bad and when he approached her, He saw that she was crying, he couldn't leave her like that so he sat on her bed and spooned her, when he put his arms around her, she directly turned facing him and got deeply into his arms like a little girl that hides in her father's arms when she gets afraid of the monsters under her bed, he squeezed her so hard, she kept crying and shivering for a while till she managed to go deep in sleep, as if she felt safe in Mike's arms which kicked away the bad dream.

He remained awake hugging her for a while till he fell asleep too.

On the next morning unlike his nature Mike woke up so early without any external efforts, he slightly removed his hands below Nicole's head so she wouldn't wake up and left her a note on the mirror to be able to see it as soon as she wakes up. He left the house and took the car with one target to correct the night before and to show her how much means to him but he didn't know from where to start.

Nicole Bristow 101

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Story about: romance, suspence, small town

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