What Went Missing!!!

Twent One

Nicole woke up and found the note he left her on her mirror at first she was intimidated by seeing a small paper on her mirror but when she read it, she knew it was from Mike "Good morning Nicky I just went out to do few stuffs, I'll try not to be late and I'm really sorry for yesterday Mike"

Though Nicole practically kicked Mike out earlier but she felt bummed that she would be alone for a while.

She had breakfast and wandered a while in the house while Mike was hitting some shops, while she was sitting on the couch drinking her coffee she heard weird noise in the garden, which scared the hell out of her especially that it was getting little dark and Mike hadn't arrived yet, she came slightly close to the window and said in scary voice "Hello, someone there?"

"Don't worry Nicky it's me" Mike yelled from the garden.

She exhaled out of relief "Mike what you're doing out there?"

"I'll tell you later but till then promise you won't come out"

"Why?" She yelled.

"Just trust me and don't"

"You know you're scaring me"

"Trust me nothing scary...by the way would you please open the front door?"

Nicole went slowly to the door and opened it with some fears she didn't get what he was doing in the garden especially that his arm was still in the splint, but when she opened it, she found a gift box very well wrapped with her favorite color, blue, on the door step and a card on it.

"Happy Birthday" Mike yelled from the garden.

Nicole smiled and said "Yeah that's written on the box but you realize it's not my birthday?"

"I know it's for all the birthdays I missed...come on open it, I want to know what you think"

She unwrapped it and found inside a camera, which made her feel so happy; she had always loved taking pictures.

"Mike this is really amazing" She said with huge thrill.

"Really I'm glad you liked it"

"Can you come inside now?"

"I really wish to see the look on your face now but it's okay I'm saving it for the next one"

"What next one? You won't come inside?"

"Not yet, not till I finish " Mike was still making some voice outside.

"Finish what?"

"Just wait for it...enjoy your new camera till I'm done okay"

Nicole started to use the camera to figure out how it worked till he finally called her again.

"Okay now open the front door again" She went to open it now with excitement to find a bigger box when she opened it she found a light blue dress. "If you opened the box, now you can get out" Nicole went outside to the garden and found it decorated in a very amazing way and lights hanged around trees and straight white lights on the grass making it looking like a walkway she couldn't help her emotional tears out of joy.

He looked at her with dreamy face "Well you're right nobody should miss his prom...so what you think?" Mike said in sweet voice but Nicole remained speechless for seconds.

"Come on Nicole, you have to say something otherwise I'm just a one arm idiot who spent hours in this"

She laughed with her joy tears and said "It's so beautiful Mike"

He smiled to her and said "good then go wear your dress and I'll wait for you"

She went to wear her dress and make her hair , when she got out she found Mike waiting for her in the garden wearing a black tux, he really looked awesome in it and he kept staring at her wearing that light blue strapless gown ball short dress with her hair on one side thinking to himself I knew she would look pretty in that dress and the shoes, he came closer to her and said "So to be more in prom mood…" then he put a corsage of the same color of her dress around her hand. He turned on the music.

"Would you please dance with me?" She smiled to him and they started dancing to "Don't want to miss a thing" by Aerosmith.

"This even exceeded my expectation about the prom"

"Really?" Mike asked happily.

"Of course" While they were dancing Mike was so anxious, he wanted to make a further move about how to tell her that he loves her but he didn't know how to say it.

"I just want you to be happy Nicole"

"I'm always happy around you Mike" That it he told himself, there wouldn't be a better opportunity.

"So any luck with your second kiss?"

"What?" Nicole asked with weirdness.

"What the hell I'm saying" he thought to himself then told her "I mean with Owen"

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