What Went Missing!!!

Twenty Six

While Mike and Nicole was trying to figure out what to do with that Bonnie situation, especially that now Nicole wasn't only worried about herself but about Mike even more, she was afraid that Bonnie would harm him by any mean, Courtney took the train to meet up with James at some coffeehouse near his college.

After hugging him, they sat and ordered coffee. "So how's college?"Courtney asked to start the conversation.

"Great everything is nice" James looked at her and said "But you sounded more serious on phone to ask me about college so what's up with you?" Courtney played with her hair and started biting her nails as a sign of anxiety "Actually you might think it is weird but I want to talk to you about some stuffs" She said.

  1. stuffs?" He got worried.

"Some old school stuffs"

"Why?"he did thought it was weird "Courtney you know I did many things that I'm not proud of, in fact I wish I could erase them but I can't...things to you and Mike and Nicole"

Courtney sensed that he was feeling guilty "No James listen to me I know you're a good guy...and I'm not here to make you feel bad"

"But sometimes I really do, Blair was poison, she made me do things I hated, you know that to her last day she was lying"

"What you mean?"

"She said that she was getting threats about what she did to Nicole and some nonsense words" James was talking angrily about Blair "Is that's why you all apologized to us?"

"Yes" James said with shame "but trust me I really meant it"…but I'm sure to her it was some new game" James exhaled because he hated talking like that about a dead girl then he continued "Why you think I didn't get to the car with them that day ?because I had just broken up with her and I decided I had enough with all that group, I had always blamed her for Nicole's disappearance because all the hard time she was giving to her ...she making her life hell"

"Yeah I know" Courtney said sadly while remembering the old times.

"Trust me you don't know the half of it...because the torture was doubled after what they said about us"

"You mean the rumor that the two of you kissed?" "Yeah except it wasn't a rumor, we really kissed" "What?!!" Courtney said shockingly.

"Yeah one day Nicole came, I had just finished my training and almost there was no one else there, something was different about her, we kept talking, one thing lead to another and we kissed" Courtney was listening with huge shocking expressions on her face to what he was saying for the first time to her "And I didn't tell Blair, in fact I wanted to have a chance together, but I only told a friend and he told his girlfriend which of course told Blair"

"But Nicole denied it"

"And do you blame her? If Blair wasn't sure and did all that I bet if she was sure she would have killed her"

"James, what did Blair have done other than drug rumors and bad words to Nicole like all other girls?"

"She never really told me but all I knew that they were sick enough to specify time to make plans to make her suffer and later I knew she trapped her in dark room in the school more than once"

"You know I never knew that?"

"Nicole never told you?"

"Apparently Nicole never told me lots of things" She said in despair.

"But what reminded you of all that?"

"To be honest I think Nicole needs my help but she's not telling me as usual"

James got more confused by her answer but then they both changed the subject till Courtney went back to her place and was determined to take a step concerning all her doubts and thoughts to be sure once and for all.

Nicole Bristow 101

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