What Went Missing!!!

Twenty Nine

So, where we? Yeah Courtney and Mike took the car but not knowing where to go.

"So where's are we going?" Courtney asked "I have no idea" Mike was talking in disappointed tone.

"What about the motel Mr.Pilson staying at?" "Ok" Mike kept trying to call James and Nicole's father and even Nicole, but in every time he was turned to the voicemail.

"Still nothing?"Courtney asked.

"Not a damn thing" Mike said.

Then he remembered his first kiss with Nicole. They were at a party one of their classmates was holding at his family beach house, they were playing spin the bottle and after few rounds, the bottle chose them to kiss, it wasn't very much a French one but still it was one Mike's favorite memories because it made him sure that she's more than a friend to him and he was meaning to make a move that day but as usual Blair had destructed all his plans later that day and after years finally they became together he thought the dream came the true and their future was before them but now everything was ruined.

He pulled over and hit the wheel so hard out of anger because of everything was going around him, and how suddenly his happiness by being with the love of his lovelife turned to that, trying to find his girlfriend who could be partner in the murder of 5 people if she wasn't the mastermind. "Mike easy" Courtney put her hands over his shoulder to comfort him.

"This is not fair" Mike said in huge despair that Courtney sensed in his tone that he might breakdown.

"I know but there is no time for that and we still not sure of anything, but we have to act quickly, others' lives on stake here"

He took deep breath.

"Listen you were so close to her lately, isn't there any place where she could be at now?"

Mike thought of it for a moment then he remembered something so he started the engine again.

"Where are you going?"

"I know where she could be now" And so they drove together.

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