What Went Missing!!!


"Yeah that has been great but can you skip a little bit to the trial?" A tall dark man was sitting listening to the story, so obviously that red girl who was telling the story wasn't alone from the beginning and she was telling it to that man but he wasn't speaking because he was listening carefully to her.

"Are you sure?" That red hair girl said.

"Yes I just want to hear about the trial from you before you tell me the rest of the story"

"Okay as you like, it's one of my favorite parts anyway" then she clapped her hands with excitement and said "So the trial"

Well it was a big day, lots of people came, and I'm not talking only about James and Courtney and her father but I'm talking about almost the whole town.

You know this was the first I hear about a real trial in court so when the two attorneys were speaking was trying to convince the jury by his case it felt like a battle between two fighters except that this battle wasn't by swords but by words, yet don't underestimate the power of words.

You know what I hated about that, was that no one really had known the story, so how could you be defending or against someone you don't know? It just wasn't logical to me.

Anyway they first took James the first witness, after he did the oath, he sat down

And the defense lawyer who was a medium sized dark straight hair female started asking him

"So Mr. Smith tell me how was school to you?" "Objection your honour, irrelevant" the prosecutor said.

"I'll allow it" the judge said. James was so nervous, while being on the stand for his first time in his life, he never faced such a situation before.

"It was fine to me"

"Just fine? you have always been in the sports team, and in high school you were the quarterback, in my time, sports had always rocked" she said ironically.

"Fine it was very great"

"And, you were dating the cheerleader too, right?"


"What's her name please?" "Blair" he said with slight hatred.

"Quite catchy, so how was Blair? may you describe her to us"

"You mean how she looked?" "How she looked, how she acted, what you want?"

"She was pretty, arrogant, and mean"

"This how you saw her?"

"This how everybody saw her including her friends"

"What exactly you mean by mean?"

"She used to annoy every one didn't seem cool to her, or refused to be her friend"

"So she was a bully?"


"And you?"

"I was a bully too" James said with regret.

"It's written her, that you ended your relationship with Blair in your first year in high school, may I ask why?"

"Objection your honor it's irrelevant" the prosecutor said.

"I'll allow it" the judge said.

"Because I felt guilty when Nicole disappeared, and I blamed Blair for it"

"Did Blair used to annoy Nicole like everyone?"

"No she did more with Nicole"

"How more?"

"It was crueler with her"

"Can you give me example?"

"We all knew from day one that Nicole get scared of darkness easily, so on summer vacation before last year in middle school, we were having some party, at one of our class mates beach house, he invited almost everyone including Nicole, so Blair made me trick Nicole to go to the basement and then she locked it, it was very loud out there, no one could hear her screaming" James was talking with huge sorry and guilt.

"And how she got out?"

"Mike was searching for her till he heard her screaming when he got close to it"

"How did she look, when they got her out?"

James looked down regretting his old days and then said "She was so frightened and shaking so bad"

"Of course" the attorney said.

"About the accident, have you seen anyone near the car before they ride it?"


"So nothing was suspicious at all?"

"No everything was normal"

"Why didn't you get in it with them?"

"I was hating all of them, and I had recently broken up with Blair, and I wanted to cut any relation to her or anyone of her friends" James was starting to talk with anger.

Nicole Bristow 101

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#228 in Suspense

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