When Love Dies

Chapter 2

When we got into the University's premises, Anabelle whispered to me that people were staring at us. Soon after,  we heard a few distances away, clicks of phones and digital cameras. Everyone was whispering to one another about us. Some even mentioned my name.

"Wow! You haven't even completed your first day here and you're already popular." I could feel her grin like a Cheshire cat.

"Being the granddaughter of an Ex-senator has its perks. But I have to speak with dad about this. I don't want to be too popular here. I just want to live like a regular student."  

"That's true. Being too popular could make you get the wrong friends who only want your money and fame. That's why you have to stick to me only." Ana explained. Behind her advice, I could sense her insecurities as well.

"Jealous that I might find a new bestie huh?" I stuck my tongue at her.

"You're deluded. I'm a classy chick, I don't need you. But that doesn't mean I won't kick anyone in the butt who tries to come between us." We both laughed at her comment.

"You love me too much." I retorted.

She sighed and replied, "Yeah I do."  She walked me to the front of my class.

"Here we are. Remember to call me if you have any problems and I'll be right here. Take care of yourself Cassie." She gave me a light peck on my cheek and left.

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in since. Now it's time to face the world. With my cane, I made my way through the door and into the lecture hall.  A lecturer was already in, talking about literature.

"Cassiopeia Raymond, right?" She asked.

"Yes ma'am. Good morning." I smiled but inwardly I was palpitating. I knew all eyes were on me right now.

"My name is Professor Lindsey Bateman. The Vice Chancellor informed us about your coming to school and we saved a special seat for you." She expounded.

Ugh! Trust mum and and dad to be overly protective and security conscious. I really needed to speak with them.

"Please ma'am, can I sit with the rest of the students so I can converse with them?" I pleaded and made a face I usually used to make my parents agree with whatever I wanted.

"Alright but if you have any problem, make sure you speak to me or any of the other lecturers. Understood?"

"Yes ma'am, Thanks."

I maneuvered through the seats until I heard a girl offer that the seat beside her was vacant. Her British accent was so nice (I've always been a sucker for British accents). She held my hand and led me to my seat. I was very grateful.

"Thank you so much. I'm Cassiopeia Raymond but everyone calls me Cassie." I introduced myself and stretched out my right hand for her to shake.

"I'm Theresa Green but everyone calls me Tess. Nice to meet you."

The lecture continued and I turned the sound recorder of my phone to record all what she said. More lecturers came in. That was how it went till 4pm. I was so beat and hungry, my stomach growled.

"Someone's hungry." Tess said beside me.

"Hunger is an understatement for what I feel. I could eat a horse right at this moment." That made her chuckle.

"Well, I know the perfect place for us to eat. My brother introduced me there two weeks ago. Now I eat there all the time."   She held my hand and led me out the hall.

"You don't have to hold my hand you know, that's why I have my cane with me all the time." I didn't want her to do anything for me out of pity.

"It's not that. I just like you and I thought we could be friends. You seem nice." She explained end held my hand tighter.

"Oh sorry. I thought you were just being sympathetic. I like the sound of us being friends. But you have to get permission from my cousin first. She might go in a frenzy if she sees us together." I laughed at the thought of that.

"She must really love you enough to protect you."

"Yeah she does and I appreciate it. I could be a tough case sometimes but she's always there. Speaking of her, I need to call her so she'll know my whereabouts. I don't want her worried." I brought out my phone from my pocket.

"Sure no problem. You can even invite her to join us." Tess suggested and I agreed. My phone's technology was so good that I could just say the name of the person I wanted to call. I said Ana's name and instantly it processed my call.

Ana agreed to join us and we waited for her. Soon, I heard her chirpy voice and was shoved into her embrace.

"Okay Ana that's enough already, I'm about to choke." She instantly release me and apologized. I brushed off the apology, stating that I was only kidding. "Meet my new friend, Tess, Tess meet my beautiful cousin, Anabelle but we call her Ana."

They both exchanged pleasantries and got into a conversation, they talked endlessly about makeup, hair, models, and clothes. Oh no! They are already friends. Please remind me never to introduce anyone else to Ana again.

"Geez! Enough talking please. I'm starving. Tess lead the way." I couldn't help but pull one of them with me so the other would follow.

Surprisingly, Maxwell was waiting for us and when I asked him why, he said my mum gave him strict orders to stay where I went even if it meant waiting all day for me. Ugh! Now I knew total freedom was far from me. But I was grateful though because it showed mum was thoughtful of me.

We all got into the car and Tess kept complimenting the beauty of my car to the point that I promised to give her the key one day for her to drive. She squealed in delight and gave me a sound kiss on the cheek. She called me "Her favorite friend" and I grinned.

Now I had two good friends.

Turned out the place she and her brother went to was the exact place we had breakfast today. I was happy that I had a certified place where I could go if I needed food.

I asked Maxwell to join us but he politely declined, stating that he ate with his wife and children before coming. He never ate out, but always ate his wife's home-cooked meals. He met her in Sweden while she worked for her father in his restaurant and fell in love with her the moment he tasted one of her delicacies. He began to visit the restaurant everyday and one day, developed the courage to ask her out. Amazingly, she agreed and they dated before getting married a year later.

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