When Love Dies

Chapter 17

The ride to school was so much fun! The whole time, we got involved in good-humoured, playful conversation and kisses in between. He pulled over to kiss me so many times, when we got to the school's parking lot and helped me down, I knew we were quite late.

"Remind me not to go to school with you again." I told him. And although I sounded serious, I mentally enjoyed the whole ride and secretly wished it could last forever.

"Oh Come-on! You enjoyed it or you would have stopped me from pulling over in the beginning."  He explained matter of fact.

"Touché." I laughed as he held my hand and we walked into the my faculty, to my lecture hall.

"Anyway the reason I acted that way in the car was because Theresa texted me and said the lecturer for this morning class isn't around. I would never let my girlfriend miss her lectures."

"Thank you boyfriend."

He helped me into the class and I heard a lot of noise from various corners which indicated that many students were present. Jason asked me where I'd like to seat and I told him the middle row. He helped me get a comfortable seat and I felt him seat beside me. His arm brushed mine slightly.

"Aren't you going for your lectures?" I asked fifteen seconds after we sat down.

"Nope. You know I'm in my final year, so we don't have many lectures as often as the past three years. This semester, I only have four courses and lectures three days a week. I'm free today."

So he just came only to drive me to school? His level of sacrifice was definitely something I would never trade.

"Thank you Jason. For everything." I whispered so that other students around wouldn't hear.

"You don't have to thank me sweetheart. Its my duty. I promise to love and protect you for as long as I breathe." He said.

My heart melted. Did he just say the L word? We just began our relationship and these three words hadn't surfaced yet. But he said it even if he didn't add the other two words for essence.

I turned to him, wrapped my arms around him, and kissed him open-mouthed. He twined his arms around my neck and kissed me back.

Some students around us stopped talking and I could feel that all eyes were on us but I didn't care one bit. All I cared about were the lips pressed to mine and the silent declarations of love evolving around us both.

"Okay. Ew! This is gross. I can't believe my brother and best friend have PDA in their systems. Wow! I'm surprised."

Trust Tess to ruin the moment. I grumbled about having friends who had the worst timing. I heard her noisily seat before it was replaced by silence.

"Theresa, you should have just passed by. After all it's a large room. You could hang out with the rest of the students." Jason voiced my thoughts.

"Good morning. I'm fine, thanks for asking." Her sarcasm rang in the air.

"You guys can continue. I just found out its a revision week. No lectures for us, Cassie. I'm leaving." She said and stood to leave.

"Wait where are you off to?" Jason asked her.

"I'm out on a date with Dan. Cassie, can you remember him?" she asked me and I nodded. I still remembered Daniel at the Strawberry shortcake festival.  The fact that she shortened his name meant they were more than friends. I was surprised they were together. We hadn't had time to catch up on our lives and I missed her and Ana.

"Who is he and what does he want?" Jason's voice changed into a very domineering tone and if others heard him, they'd think he was a very standoffish kind of guy, not knowing he was a softie.

"I'll explain later please. He even wants to hang out with you." She replied and left hurriedly.

"What do you say? Should we leave here and go somewhere else or do you want to go home?" He asked me, the sound of Tess' heels still within earshot.

"Do you know anywhere you want us to go to? I don't want to go home yet."

"Do you love music?" He asked.

"I do, Why?"

"Its not so special. It's just a place I go to hang out with my friends. We have a few musical instruments there. Would you like me to take you there?"

"Of course. Lead the way." I didn't wait for him to help me up, I stood up immediately and when he did the same, he led me out of the hall, the faculty and onto his car.

I enjoyed the silence that that embraced us on the way.


He introduced me to his two friends, Charles and George. Apparently, he was like me who had few friends or perhaps he was antisocial. They played various instruments like the guitar, piano, ukulele, and trumpet. I listened as they played some popular songs of legendary artistes and I was overwhelmed. At the end, they were rewarded by a standing ovation and applauses from yours truly.

"How did you guys learn how to play so well?" I inquired. It wasn't everyday you met a group of men who could play as remarkable as they did.

"In high school back in England. We met in a music class when we were given a piece to work on. We've been inseparable since then." George explained. I guess it was him because when we were introduced, his voice was unusually deep and husky. It sounded a bit scary but I bet this type of voice was good for singing.

"Why don't you want to take music as a profession? You seem like you were born into music." 
My comment only made them chortle.

"Music is just a hobby. We all have different goals and dreams that we're chasing. We feel music will be a distraction." Jason explained and the others chorused "Yeah."

"Well, I wish you good luck in whatever your dreams are." I gave them a thumbs up.

"What about you, can you play?" Charles asked.

"Shut up dude. Can't you see that she's blind? I've warned you several times to stop with the ridicules." George cautioned him.

"It's okay. I know he meant no harm by asking me. I know I can't see but I can play the piano a little bit. I had a music teacher once. Music always calms my nerves." I replied.

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