When Love Dies

Chapter 19

Things went from good to better and eventually to the best relationship ever. Jason treated me so well and I was delighted. Every morning, he'd come pick me up, take me to school, then we'd go to Sweet Love Restaurant to have lunch or an early dinner for those times I didn't want to eat at home. Sometimes, I declined his offer to lunch so I could spend time with Ana and Tess and so he too would spend some time with his friends. On Saturday nights, we would talk endlessly on phone till one of us decided it was time to sleep. Sometimes we didn't hang up till the next day. It was sort of our tradition. I never knew being in a relationship was this amazing.

After much persuasion on dad's part, mum finally acknowledged Jason as a part of my life. She invited him often times to dinner during the weekends. She got along with Tess too but my instincts still made me feel like she was just faking it all. There were times I heard her snort whenever I mentioned them to her. During a late afternoon barbeque, mum outrightly insulted them both and dad had to stand up for them. I told them to ignore her whenever she looked down on them without reservation. Two weeks after that, when Jason dropped me off after school, mum met us by the door and apologized to him. Stating that she didn't know what came over her. I had an inkling that her apology was attrite. Jason sensed that as well, and voiced his thoughts when she left.

I mean, I know my mum and in the past twenty years, she had never apologized to anyone I knew. So why would she apologize to Jason whom she considered a low life?

It was beyond my understanding but I had to accept it anyway. Maybe she was trying to redeem herself.

One thing that made me concerned was the nagging headache I began to have. It was bearable at first and I took no thought to it but soon, it became 
incessant and I grew worried but didn't have the guts to tell anyone. I already gave my loved ones enough trouble being blind and notifying them about the headache seemed wrong. But to a degree, the good news about it was it came occasionally, not all the time. Once in three weeks, give or take.

Exams came and went. I had good grades and was grateful that my parents were proud of me. Ana did her best and so did Tess. We celebrated our results with a slumber party where both girls ended up drunk. I didn't bother to drink and settled for fruit juice and soda because I knew it would worsen my headache.

Towards the end of second semester, Jason was to graduate. I was told by Tess that he was chosen as the valedictorian. Who knew he was that intelligent? I knew he was great with maths, English and commerce and other business related courses but I never knew he was intelligent enough to get the best grades. I was supper excited for him and with the help of Tess and Ana, I was able to plan something fun to help him celebrate.

When I say something fun, I meant a little gathering which consisted of my cousins, David and Dylan (Ana's half brothers), who were twins and already eighteen years old, Ana invited the mystery guy whom she started dating a few months ago, Tess invited Dan and I was able to call Charles and George who brought their girlfriends.

It was a surprise evening/ slumber party. In the evening we were to have a little picnic at the beach close to my house and then when it was late and getting cold, we would all retreat into my house to continue. Mum and dad went out for the weekend to The Maldives, leaving the house for Ana and I and we wanted to make the most of it.

Tess secretly packed his clothes for the night, toothbrush and toothpaste and some of his things from his hostel. And they all waited at the beach for me to get him.

Jason arrived quite late and that had me wondering if he knew after all that we had a surprise for him. I was quite difficult keeping the secret but I managed not to say a single word concerning it to him. I just told him I missed him and wanted him to come over for us to talk. He agreed but now that he showed up late, I had second thoughts.

"What took you so long?" I asked after he arrived.

"I'm really sorry. The valedictory service is next week and I haven't figured out my speech yet. Do you know how depressing that is? I wish they didn't pick me." He huffed and I felt sympathetic.

"You wouldn't have been picked if you didn't deserve it Jason. Although I can't see, I know a great man when I come across one. And you are one hell of a great person. I believe in you and I know your speech is gonna be awesome, just like you."

"Wow! How did I end up having a girlfriend as wonderful as you? I'm so lucky!" this was something he said almost every day but I never got tired of hearing it. He pulled me to him for a hug and I smiled, glad I could at least be a source of encouragement.

"Will you come?" He frained, "For my graduation, will you be there?" he explained further, perhaps sensing my confusion.

"Of course, I will. What girlfriend will I be if I don't attend my boyfriend's graduation?" I teased.

"Thank you. I really want you to be there." He whispered and pecked me on the base of my neck close to my ear and my feet tingled.

I completely forgot about where we were and that the others were waiting either patiently or perhaps grudgingly for us.

"Let's take a walk to the beach." I said, held his hands and led him. The road to the beach was pretty easy. All you had to do was keep walking straight up for about seven minutes. As we walked, I wondered if he would be happy for the little surprise. Jason had always been keen on being alone. Apart from his family, friends and me of course, he didn't associate much with others.

"Surprise!" I heard Tess, Ana and the rest scream just at the same time Jason said,

"What the hell?"

Did he mean that in a lamentable or gleeful note? I feared.

I definitely hoped it was the latter.

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