When Love Dies

Chapter 34

Two days later, we were on our way to JFK. I was already in love with England and I was reluctant to leave but I missed my parents and Ana—We hadn't talked much since, she was always unavailable whenever I called— Charles, George, Samantha and Valerie and everyone else.

At the airport, Gemma hugged me and fussed about returning to see them again which I agreed. Totally! I was ecstatic to finally know and be accepted into Jason's family and I would definitely miss them. Taylor did likewise but I was so blown away when Alvin, Jake and Blake presented me a flower each. I sniffed in their scents and realised they were roses. I didn't know what colour but one of them whispered into my ear that they were white, which signified unique beauty like me. I couldn't control myself; I shed a tear, hugged them and also placed kisses on their cheeks. Foster hugged me and wished me a safe flight and happy life.

"Believe me when I say those kids love you." Said Jason after we were seated in the plane.

"They are so adorable. I'm gonna miss them." I replied.

"I can only imagine how often they'll fight over you from now on. Their poor father is gonna wear out." he stated.

"Oops! That's true! But I didn't plan for that to happen." I realized the upcoming trouble amongst them. If only something extraordinary could happen to take their minds off me. Perhaps a new mum? I hoped so.

"Well, you're mine so let them focus on another girl." I smiled at his jealousy even though it was juvenile.

"I'm yours." I affirmed.

We had a peaceful flight, I slept all day, enjoying the feel of sleeping on my boyfriend's broad chest. I mean, who wouldn't?

Disembarking, we collected our luggage, pretty jetlagged. I couldn't count the number of times I yawned.

"My baby, Cassie!" Mum pulled me into her arms. She rained kisses all over my face. I wasn't accustomed to her being touchy feely and mushy. But she scrutinized my body to see if I was hurt or maltreated. She also made a fuss about me looking pale. I reciprocated the hug and I knew we were making a scene. I couldn't bear the embarrassment.

"Mum... That's enough please! I'm sure you're making a scene already." I opted on being stern but my voice gave me away. I was enthralled by her concern towards me. Mum was never the type to be soft or overly caring but this was different. Maybe I should travel again soon. I thought within. I recognized  Jason and Tess's voices. Both politely greeted mum but she pretended not to hear them. She simply acted like they were inanimate objects and I was discomfited. When she feathered kisses on my hands, what would have been appealing became appalling to me.

"I missed you terribly. Let's go home. Your dad and Ana are waiting." She grabbed my right hand, forcing me to move. She never once acknowledge the presence of Jason and Tess. I pulled my hand from her grasp, "Give me five minutes mum." I told her and turned to speak with them.

"Are you both gonna be alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, we're just going to wait for Charles. He's gonna pick us up." Jason replied.

"Take care, Cassie. I had so much fun with you. Let's hangout with Ana soon, yeah?" Tess asked and I agreed. We hugged and then she kissed my cheeks.

"I'm gonna wait at the lounge over there until Charles comes. Jason, you can join me when you're done ogling and possibly smooching her." She replied and left us. An embarrassing and awkward silence replaced her presence.

"I wasn't ogling her." He called after her, "I wasn't ogling you." He said to me like he was trying to convince himself that the opposite happened. And for a rare moment, he sounded guilty and vulnerable. A blush crept up my cheeks.

"You can stare at me all you want, I won't complain." I cheered his countenance.

My hands innately found their to this shoulders bringing him down for a kiss. He hesitated a moment but wasted no time in giving me one hell of a kiss I knew had caught the attention of everyone around us.

But I didn't care.

My hands had already settled behind his neck and my fingers kneaded his hair, I took delight in the neshing feel of it as it obeyed my fingers like a puppet to its master. I was so mesmerized, I delved passionately into the kiss without a care in the world.

I only realized mum's presence when she cleared her throat to show her displeasure. I disentangled my hands from his neck, slightly abashed; this was the first time mum had ever witnessed us kissing. Jason's hands which hung around my waist during the kiss were still wrapped around me. I knew he wasn't concerned about mum's ill-treatment towards him and Tess and I was deeply pleased. I managed to ignore mum again. After all, she started it.

Fair enough!

"I want you to be with me when I tell mum and dad about what happened in England." I said. I didn't want to meet my parents alone. I needed Jason's support and shoulder to lean on.

"You want to tell them we're in love with each other? I can tell your mum right now. I absolutely have no problem with that. Took me months to hide my feelings, I can't hide it anymore." He asked, obviously getting the wrong message. I giggled lightly but explained to him when I recovered.

"Not that, silly! I want to explain the incidents with the torch. I can't do it alone. I need you there with me." I said. It startled me how I needed him so much nowadays. He was constantly in my thoughts. I couldn't imagine my life without him.

"Of course, I'll be there. Just let me know when." He answered and I nodded. He kissed me once more. I was definitely sure mum was in a rage. I absolutely knew She would have something to say on our way home. I grinned at the thought. We exchanged our goodbyes and I turned and found a way to meet mum. She grasped  my hands roughly and I flinched but remained mute. I was too tired to start an argument with her so I let her lead me to the car. Some of the guards were already in, Peter, mum's senior bodyguard hugged me lightly and helped me in. He was the only guard I was friendly with. He had been with us for a very long time, possibly fifteen years now, so I treated him like family.

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