When Love Dies

Chapter 35

The following day, I called Jason, begging him to come over so we could narrate everything to my parents and Ana, of course. I wasn't sure how they'd take the news, therefore, I needed his support. Being with him gave me a surge of strength and hope.

He willingly agreed and I smiled. Jason was without a doubt, the definition of perfection. I was the luckiest girl in the world!

After we ended the call, I took a shower and got dressed. In addition, I went downstairs to the kitchen to eat a bowl of my favorite cereal; Cheerios. It was still early and no one was present in the kitchen. I ate in silence, well if you'd subtract the loud volume of my iPod, then yes, It was a silent breakfast.

After eating, I wandered in search of Ana. She was still fast asleep, snoring as loud as the cruel wizard of Oz's laugh. I sighed and found my way out. I took the opportunity to read. We were on holiday but that wasn't an excuse for me not to read. The interesting braille books charmed and captivated me. I had always been fascinated by literature and hoped to own a bookstore someday, without financial support from my parents. I wanted an avenue where I could achieve something on my own, sans their assistance.

Engulfed in the literary world, I vaguely remembered falling asleep on my desk. My desk had been at the right edge at the corner of my bedroom. It was there I read my books to broaden my horizon.

I woke up the minute I felt Ana blabbing and making inarticulate words in my ears. I was agitated, it felt like a bee sang joyfully in my ears. I shoved her off me and realised she was  informing me that Jason had arrived. I mentally laughed when it hit me that sleep had made my hearing faculty weird. I jumped to my feet and walked down the stairs with Ana beside me.

At the living room, mum, dad and Jason conversed and immediately when they realised my presence, they stopped talking abruptly.

"Cassie sweet, come give your father a hug." Mum said. Dad literally swept me off my feet in an embrace that got me reeling. I felt giddy and happily hugged him back. I sure missed my dad! He stood by me always.

"Cassie hope you enjoyed your trip? Jason here was just telling me about it." Said dad after he set me on my feet. He led me to to sit down and a familiar hand clasped mine in his; Jason.

I smiled and joined the conversation, telling them all how I enjoyed the trip immensely. My parents threw some questions while I spoke and I answered them.

"I'm happy you had fun." Dad commented when I ended my narration.

Then I remembered the main reason why I rushed to speak with them. I was a bit frightened about the manner at which they would welcome the issue.

"Cassie, you look languid. Do you want to take a nap or something?" Ana asked. I shook my head. A nap wasn't on my To-do List currently. Jason grasped my hands tighter, offering assistance. I was glad he was present, I wouldn't develop the strength to tell them if he wasn't. Convoking courage, I exhaled deeply and the words flowed.

I commenced from the beginning of the headache which came once in a fortnight. Mum gasped and muttered something about me not telling them when it began. I ignored it and carried on with the explanation. When I finally got to the part of incidents with the torch, mum startled me by pulling Jason's hands from mine and held me close. It wasn't what I expected but I felt her sympathy.

"We can't guarantee anything until she speaks with her ophthalmologist about everything." Replied Dad.

"Yes sir, we have to. We can't draw up any conclusion yet. The earlier she goes, the better." Jason advised.

"I agree." Ana responded.

I guess I would be meeting fate sooner than I expected.


We, excluding Ana, arrived at the hospital, the following day. I was so nervous, I felt I'd pee in my pants. What if this led to my death? What if there was no possibility that I might see again? I felt a rush of depression. Goosebumps appeared on the surface of my skin.

I slowly remembered a popular phrase, the pastor at church often quoted. “With God, nothing shall be impossible!”  That was what he emphasized almost at the benediction of every service. Today, it felt like those word beckoned me. I was never too religious but I rarely forgot to pray when I was faced with a challenge.

“God, help me, please! I don't know what you want to achieve from this but please don't leave me. Help me overcome this, in Jesus name. Amen.”

After my brief prayer, I found solace that I wasn't alone. I had My parents, Ana, Jason and most importantly, I had God.

I wasn't alone!

"Mr and Mrs Raymond. How are you? It's been a while..." Doctor O'Brien, my ophthalmologist greeted my parents. And then hugged me. We gathered into his office, and after we sat down, he requested I explained everything in details, remembering to add even the smallest, most insignificant incidents. I explained all I could remember while I heard him scribbling something on what I guessed was a notepad. He listened enthusiastically and when I was done, he instructed that I carried out some tests. I agreed.

"Doctor, can I come in with her?" Jason asked. I held my breath, hoping the doctor would agree but he didn't. According to him, he needed my full concentration.

The tests took longer than I thought, a little of my blood was taken, some tests on my eyes were carried out and I was asked a few questions which I answered. After the tests, the doctor led me back to my parents while we waited patiently, for the test results. 

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