When Love Dies

Chapter 45

At the hospital, I was asked to change into the hospital gown which was the custom I guess because I woke up wearing likewise the last time I was here. Ana and Tess helped me with the gown while I stood in nothing but my birthday suit. The thought of both girls seeing my nakedness was never really a burden but as they currently dressed me, I pondered if I would be free around them when I began to see.

I guess a whole lot of things would change given the situation.

With a final hug from everyone and several voices chanting “I love you” and a kiss from a special someone, I was taken to the surgical unit where the procedures began. I was introduced to the three remaining doctors who would be assisting Doctor O'Brien, he boasted about their surgical abilities and how renowned they were. They all seemed warm and cheerful and acted like we had known one another for a long time. I felt elated in the fact that I was in safe hands.

"I promised myself to always work hard in ensuring my patients survive every surgery and yours is no exception. But I want you to believe in yourself. Believe that you can pull through this. We will do our best possible not to lose you." Doctor O'Brien encouraged and that lifted my spirit the more.

"Thank you very much doctor." I replied because I couldn't think of anything else to say.

"Now Cassie, take a deep breath, we're about to infuse anesthesia and within seconds, you'll be off to dreamland for a short while." Doctor Violet Johann, whispered in her heavily Germanic accent.

"Wait!" I half-shouted

"Is there a problem, Miss?" One of the male doctors whose name I couldn't remember, asked in a slight panic.

"I'm sorry, there isn't. But I just forgot to pray. Can you give just a minute?" It was very silly of me to have forgotten something so vital.

Closing my eyes like I've been taught to do during prayer, I thanked God for this divine opportunity.

"Dear God, please don't leave me. Please make this successful so I can finally see and enjoy life better. Thank you Lord for always being there even when I fail to acknowledge you in Jesus name. Amen!"

If I could recall right, it was one of my briefest prayers however, I felt His unseen presence around me.

"You may proceed." I said, while I took a deep breath as instructed earlier. The anesthetic pipe was placed above the bridge of my nose down to my chin and within seconds, I felt myself drifting.

Drifting off like a diver going into the depths of the ocean.


I woke up as fast as I drifted and I wondered if it was all a dream. The glaring reminder of reality was laced in the bandages over my eyes and around my head, then the sound of my family. I immediately pulled myself to a sitting position, suddenly uncomfortable.

"Goodness! She's awake." everyone rushed over as soon as mum said those words. From the crown of my head, down to my feet was crowded with my family, all amazed and talking about me like I wasn't present. I picked up tidbits of their conversation and realised the operation took well over eight hours. But it seemed like eight minutes. Unbelievable!

Mum cradled my face and kissed my left cheek before inspecting my body parts and asking too many questions.

"Mum I'm fine. I feel normal, you don't have to worry about me." I tried to break away from her grasp but she wouldn't budge.

"You're my child and I will worry about you forever. It's my duty." That sounded a bit cheesy as well as it sounded authoritative. I just wasn't ready to question her so I let her touch and scrutinize me to her heart's content.

"Where's the doctor, can I go home now?" I asked impatiently. You couldn't blame me though. The hospital and I weren't a good combo.

"No, sweet you can't. You still have to see remember?" Dad said while he fondled my hair. Why were my parents so handsy all of a sudden?

Oh! I had forgotten, the purpose for being here was so I could see. The itchy bandages reminded me though.

One of the nurses came in and explained that I just had a major surgery on both eyes but would still have to go for another which was aimed at connecting them to my brain so I could transfer stimuli to and from each organ.

My face paled when she said this would be the critical one. But she reassured me that I was capable of surviving since the first turned out to be successful. My parents took turns in offering me words of comfort and reassurance. Tess and Ana did the same thing. Well, mostly gushing over teaching me how to make up and other girly stuff. Nevertheless, I was elated. Imagine putting on mascara, foundation, concealer highlighters, lipsticks and false lashes on my own? Hahaha, so much fun.

"Hey." Why does his voice always have the same heart-weakening, toe-curling effect all the time? The others had somehow given us a little privacy.

"Hey you." My voice had that high pitched tone which was definitely different from my real voice. Why couldn't I get unaffected by his charm? I pondered.

"Glad to see that you're fine. I was so worried about you." said Jason as he lifted my arm and placed a kiss so close to my wrist. It had the same tingling effect in my veins and you was mesmerized.

"You're stuck with me, remember?" I tried to cheer him. Fortunately, it was the truth though. We were stuck with each other forever.

"Yeah, you sure are." I felt him smile and I unknowingly smiled in return.

"You need to rest. You still have one more surgery ahead." I noted he was tense and I got worried. Jason and I had gotten to the unique phase. This was the phase where we knew how the other felt. I could tell when he was extremely happy just like when I agreed to go to England with him. Likewise, I could tell when he was extremely sad, especially when he was with me at the hospital and I refused to undergo surgery.

At this moment, I knew he was nervous but I had no substantial reason for his sudden change.

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