When Love Dies

Chapter 50

No, no, no, no, no! This couldn't be real!

"Someone turn off that TV."  Dad ordered and Ana grabbed the zapper clumsily, almost letting it slip off her fingers but recovered and clicked on a button which immediately made the TV blank.

I screamed and jumped out of the bed. The piercing pain of the needle which transmitted the drip on my left hand, refrained me from moving and in anger, I got rid of it.

Tossing it aside, I wobbled all the way to the door. My legs which hadn't done it's usual task of moving for days, were still fragile but that didn't stop me. I just couldn't stand this. The pain was getting too much!

Just as I grabbed the door knob, a hand shot up to my shoulder and halted me. But I couldn't turn back to see who it was. I was petrified I'd break down and so much had happened which required my bravery. However, I guessed it was Dad.

"Cassie you can't just leave. You don't even know the way out of this hospital." I was right. It sure was dad.

"I n-need to s-see him." My foggy mind hindered me from making a coherent sentence.

"I know you do but please relax. You just had a major surgery, you need maximum rest." He stipulated.

Why on earth would I care about myself when someone so dear to me had been confirmed dead?

Get yourself together Cassie, he hasn't been confirmed dead yet. My subconscious emphasized but I had a feeling of doubt. Such great doubt!

"Besides he hasn't been confirmed dead yet." Ana voiced my thoughts. She joined dad in touching my other shoulder.

"But he could be dead. He crashed into a river. He's dead, I know it." I screamed and my lips quivered as the tears came again. 
I placed my forehead on the door, this was too much to bear.

So much seemed to happen that bereaved my happiness. I seemed to be crying a lot lately and I wondered when it would stop.

One thing I knew was if Jason was truly dead, then I might as well die. I couldn't imagine my life without him.

"He's not dead Cassie. Have a little faith please. Jason wouldn't want to see you lose hope in him." Tess volunteered to cheer me up.

Her comment made me turn back and I gaped at them. All three of them still had a little light in their eyes. They still had hope. I felt so ashamed of myself.

Jason wouldn't want this. He wouldn't want me to lose faith in him easily. We were meant to fight for one another. If three of them had this little hope, I was supposed to have more. I was his girlfriend and he, the Love of my life for crying out loud.

I covered my face in shame.

"Come back dear. Lay down and rest. We all need to stay strong." Dad suggested and I wordlessly walked with him back to bed while the girls seemed relieved.

As he placed me back, he excused himself and walked far away from us to call someone of whom we could get more information about everything. My dad had enough connections and influence, I was sure he could pull a string or two as to the real whereabouts of Jason. That realization shined a relief in me.

But I couldn't place in the drip or needle though. I had no idea what to do about it.

As I laid down, I closed my eyes for a respite but I couldn't sleep. How could I?

But what if he was truly dead? That nagging voice of doubt crept it's way into my mind and I began to wonder in the affirmative; What if Jason was truly dead?

I reminisced my childhood and how great he was to me. Jason,  my second best friend. I knew we were meant to be Soulmates from the day he called me ‘Princess’ and promised to marry me. He was my Prince Charming!

Although he left without notice, and I felt downcast by his sudden disappearance from my life, he returned and made me the happiest girl in the world.

He was the reason behind my crazy butterfly sensations, my first date, my first kiss, my fist Love. He was literally my first everything and yet death knocked, entered and took him away from me.

"I wish I could turn back the hands of time."  I whispered to myself, eyes still shut, "At least he'd still be right here with me." 
There was surprisingly no tears left to shed. It was apparent that I had lost him. Perhaps if I had told him not to go, to stay with me when he begged to be with me during the final stage of the surgery, then he'd be here. He'd gaze at me with those eyes I've always wished I could see. He'd tell me that everything was alright and boost my confidence.

I wish he had stayed behind!

"Now that your Love is dead, you have to move on Cassieopeia!" Mom's voice startled me. She sat on the armchair so close to me but I didn't know she heard my soliloquy. Whenever she called me by my full name, I knew she meant business.

"You have your eyes back, so you can see now which means you have a great life ahead of you. Forget about Jason!" She replied again.

But could I forget him?

"How dare you talk to her like that Stephanie? You are her mother for Pete's sake." Dad startled us both.

"Yes, I am her mother and I am doing the right thing. She needs to see the truth." She stated matter of fact.

"Poppycock! Can't you see how miserable and forlorn she looks? You can't just say something like that to her and expect her to feel better." Dad argued. I had never seen him this enraged. He looked at mum with disgust which gave me a fright.

"If I don't, who will? I believe it's high time we opened her eyes to see that this Jason has brought nothing but misery ever since he stepped into our lives." She retorted and we all gasped.

"That's the absurdest thing you've ever said. We both know that this man has been responsible for almost all the good things Cassie has ever experienced. You owe him so much instead of this trash you're insinuating." Dad spat.  I didn't know whether to butt into their conversation or remain quiet. I opted on the latter, waiting for what mum had to say.

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