While Holding the Pain


Shaan, a young person of early 20 twenties was sitting by the side of Ruhaan, another young person of late twenties.

Shaan was trying to have a talk with Ruhaan but he just kept ignoring him. After staring sadly for a while at Ruhaan, Shaan took out a small box from his pocket.

The color of the packet which was once white had turned into reddish black. Taking out the ring from it, Shaan whisperingly said, "See vai, it's still sparkling."

Ruhaan took the ring in his hand. While caressing it with love, a small but sad smile occupied his lips. In no time along with the smile, tears also made their way from his eyes when they caught the sight of reddish black packet of the ring.

Two faces came to his mind and between them one was almost covered with blood and other one was whispering, "I am sorry."

He just screamed "Nooo!"

Whereas Shaan kept staring at the packet and tears was escaping from his eyes constantly.





Assalamu_Alaikum lovely people..


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This is the prologue of the story. 
I know it's short but hope you like it.


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Edited: 14.01.2021

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