While Holding the Pain

Character Intro

Ruhaan Ahmed, 
           A young, successful 27-year-old business tycoon once who was a fun loving, caring and loving person with a cool personality got a drastic change owing to his horrible past in which the people who meant world to him suddenly disappeared leaving his world empty.


Tithy Hasan,  
                         A sweet, simple middle class girl of 22 years who dreams of a peaceful life filled with small pieces of joy. She has a family full of loving people but got to face a lot of problems.


Roshni Hasan, 
                            A sweet, caring, hardworking and simple middle class girl of 27 years. She loves her family dearly and very protective of them especially her sister. Though reality made her struggle hard for surviving and giving no sign of a peaceful future, while holding the pain she never loses hope.


As destiny leads the way and everyone have to follow it, none can know the destination. Eventually Tithy meets Ruhaan as his secretary... Some of Tithy 's behavior reminds Ruhaan of a person close to his heart which sometime makes Ruhaan laugh, cry, get angry and moreover cause pain that he has been holding for a long time...


Edited: 27.01.2021

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