While Holding the Pain


Tithy's P.O.V.


Returning to my cabin, I sat on my chair with the coffee in my hand. I normally take one cube of sugar but sipping the coffee with two cubes of sugar, I didn't find any difference as my mind was on other thoughts.

Who is Titly and why was Sir crying? 

My questions remained unanswered. As it was my first day, I didn't know anyone of the office so I didn't have anyone to answer my question.

Giving my thoughts some rest, I tried to focus on the project which has been finalized today. I started to read the project file carefully in detail to fully understand the project which seems now quite understandable because of the previous presentation.

After sometime my phone rang off with an unknown ID. I decided to attend the call, "Hello, who's this?"

There was silence for some moments on the other side.

Then I heard a rude voice. "Come to my cabin".

"What?! Who the " the call was disconnected even before me completing my words.

How rude ! Who the hell is he to order me like that? And what was that?! "Come to my cabin" what a joke !

But for some reason the voice sounded familiar. Wait a moment. What did he say ! The sentence came in my mind instantly and I rushed to his cabin hurriedly thinking of what should I say to him.

I not only didn't save the number but also hadn't recognized his voice. What to do! I am so dead now.

I just hope not to get fired at least not on the very first day of my job. After knocking, I entered the cabin. When I started to give my sorry speech "Sir I am really sorry. Actually I didn't get to save your number to re "

He cut me off by giving me a file, "I want a report on the surroundings of this location regarding anything to everything. You have 4 hours. Got that?"

I was surprised as he didn't get out his anger or didn't throw any sarcastic comment on me for my mistake as he is a very short tempered person which I understood within these few hours. Anyway I tried to utter some words to apologize again.

"Sir, I am so "

But even before I completed one sorry word, he again cut me off. "Do you want ME to REPEAT my words?" giving on two words extreme emphasis.

"No sir, Sorry."

"Now GET going."

Without any word, I left the cabin.

When I took the elevator to the ground floor, I found some of my colleagues. Normally I get attached to people easily but as it is my first day and so I was somewhat hesitant.

When they found me staring at them, one of them asked me, "First day, right?"

On that I just nodded. She extended her hand, "I am Neety and you?"

"Tithy. Thank you for taking the initiative to talk actually I was very hesitant."

"Getting hesitant on the very first day is normal but don't worry. You can talk to us freely."

All of them introduced themselves with a smiling face except one may be she didn't like me but why? What did I even do?

My chain of thought got broken by Neety. "Where are you heading now?"

"For Site location details." I answered gently.

"Okay. But its lunch time. Take lunch with us then go?"

I nodded with a smile. I enjoyed their accompany and specially liked the girl, Neety. After lunch, I went for the site location details. As I was not very much fond of travelling, it took me some time to get to the location.

Finding the location, I noted the information about the surroundings from anything to everything as I was told. Some information I collected by enquiring of some neighborhood people.

By the time my work was completed, it was almost close to my deadline. When I turned to rush for office, I was slightly pushed off by a car which I didn't see coming.

The man hurriedly got down from the car and apologized to me. I felt little pain in my right hand but he was not at entire fault.

"It's okay uncle. Actually it's not only your fault but is also mine. So we can call it even."

"But your hand looked injured. Come, let's go. I will take you to hospital" the man apologetically said pointing at my hand.

"No uncle. It's not necessary. I am alright and actually I am getting late for my work." I politely reasoned refusing his offer.

Being defeated, he said "Okay. Let me drop you to your office at least."

"That will be very kind of you, uncle." Looking at the watch, I took the offer as I was running out of time.

Stepping out of the car, I thanked him and hurriedly got into the building. When I entered Ruhaan Sir's cabin, he was not there. Leaving the file on the table, I got back to my cabin.

Though at first I felt little of a pain but by that time it was increased. I took out a pain killer from my bag and gulped it with water.

Then Neety came to my cabin and asked me, "Tithy, do you know where is Ruhaan sir? I need his signature on" and stopped mid sentence, looking at my hand, "Hey, what happened to your hand?"

After listening to me, Neety rushed out of my cabin saying, "Wait a moment.''

She brought the first aid kit and after applying some pain removal ointment, she banded the injured part of my hand.

I thanked her and she just smiled at me and said, "Be careful next time."

I nodded and she left my cabin saying, "Okay. Get some rest now. I got to go but call me if you need anything."


Ruhaan's P.O.V.


I went to get some fresh air. I was known for my rude as well as tempered behavior which was also well-known to me. But for some reason I didn't get to behave likewise with this girl because she. No. It can't be the reason. But.

I cut off my thought  forcefully. When I was about to get into the industry, I saw HIM standing in front of my building staring at it.

I was hardly holding back from fulfilling the desire to punch him badly but when I saw him smirking a devilish smile my blood just boiled up. When I was about to go to him, I saw a girl who was about to faint in front of me. When I turned, he was gone.


Edited: 18.01.2021

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