While Holding the Pain


Third Person's P.O.V.



After some moments of silence, the person spoke up from the other side of the phone call, "Vaai, I was thinking "

Without letting him complete, Ruhaan cut off the line saying, "I need to go now. Talk to you later."

Ruhaan was about to leave from his cabin when Tithy came there worriedly.

Seeing her, Ruhaan coldly asked, "What ?"

Tithy politely asked "Sir, do I need to do anything else now?"

Looking at the watch, Ruhaan realized it was quite late for office hour. He just shook his head and said, "You can leave now."

"Thank you, Sir", saying this, Tithy left his cabin and got out of the office building. Taking a cab, she left for home hurriedly.

Ruhaan again sat on his chair closing his eyes. After a while he stood up and went near the window.

He looked on the road through the glass window only to found everyone busy in themselves in several ways but his eyes remained glued at a place where he found some people seemed as a family gossiping happily in a road side cafe.

Some memories were making their way to his mind but he forcefully blocked the way feeling his eyes to get watery.

Taking a file from the self, he sat on the chair again and continued to work.


Tithy's Home


Getting out of the cab, Tithy rushed inside the house and found her mother waiting for her worriedly. Catching the sight of her, she rushed to Tithy.

"How's your first day and why are you so late? You should have called at least", her mother worriedly said.

Tithy apologetically replied "It's fine. I was working and didn't get to know it was that late. I am sorry, Ma."

Then Tithy turned to go but her mother caught hold of her. Pointing to her hand, she asked worriedly seeing the bandage, "What happened to your hand?"

"Nothing much, Ma. I just got a slightly scratch. Don't worry. Where is Api (Sister), Ma?" Tithy said trying to divert her mother's mind.

Mrs. Ayesha (Tithy's Mother) pointed towards a room. When Tithy left, she smiled sadly. She knew her very well. She normally tries to hold her pain within herself as they are already in many problems.

Her husband died at an early age of Tithy. Since then she has been struggling hard to bring her two daughters up.

Now both of her daughters are working and they forcefully stopped her from working as she was in comma and got an operation on her heart.

For that operation they needed to get a huge amount of money and for that money, her daughters took a loan without informing her using their house with the land as security which was their only belonging.

Now both of her daughters are struggling hard for bearing the expenditure of their survival which has been increased to double because of her medicine and the loan installment.

Her daughters love her immensely and can do anything for her happiness. She feels really lucky and grateful to ALLAH having them as daughters.

But she feels helpless as now she can't do anything for them while they are struggling hard to lead a peaceful and happy life.

She let out a long sigh of despair and went to the kitchen for preparing dinner.

After sometime Tithy came there and asked her mother, "Is there anything wrong, Ma? Why is Api sleeping at this hour?"

"No. After prayer, she might have fallen asleep. Let her rest for some time. While I complete making dinner for us, you should also get some rest. After completing, I will call you both", her mother replied.

"I am not tired, Ma. I will help you in kitchen but let me get freshen up first."

Saying this Tithy left to get freshen up.

"When did Api return home, Ma?" Tithy asked while cutting vegetables.

"She returned in the afternoon", her mother replied.

Afternoon? But isn't it too early for Api to return home? Is there anything wrong with her that I don't know? Her chain of thought cut off by her mother. "What are you thinking?"

But her mother poked in her right hand mistakenly at which she just uttered whispering, "Ouch..."

"I am sorry. You should have told me if you were in so much of pain, Tithy"

"No, Ma. It's alright."

Putting off the gas, Mrs. Ayesha got ordering, "Come here."

She made Tithy sat on a chair in the kitchen and took off her bandage and seeing the bruise, she glared at Tithy. Seeing her mother's worried but angry face, she kept quiet.

Preparing ice bag, she held it on the bruised place for a while. After applying some medicine there, she put bandage on it again.

Her mother angrily ordered, "Now go to your room and don't you dare to come out until I call you. Understand?"

Tithy left kitchen nodding.

Tithy went to her room and found her sister still sleeping. She was not at all feeling sleepy. But her mother will get angry if she got out of the room.

Thinking what to do, she grabbed a book from the table and lied in the bed beside her sister without making any sound.

But in no time her mobile rang off. Glancing at the caller ID, she cut off the line. In few moments the phone beeped indicating the arrival of a message.

Tithy lied there not bothering to check out the message and started to read the book. While reading the book, she fell asleep likewise her habit.

After an hour when dinner was ready, Mrs. Ayesha went to check out on her daughters. Finding both of them asleep, she stood near their bed staring at them with a sad smile for a while.

She kissed on the top of their head and woke them up lovingly while caressing the hair. It took some time for them to get up. With sleepy eyes, they looked at their mother.

"Go, fresh up and say your prayer and after that come to dining table for dinner." Mrs. Ayesha got ordering them.

They looked at each other and happily said more like shouted, "Okay, Ma'am."

Mrs. Ayesha glared at them but left the room with a smile.


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