While Holding the Pain


When Ruhaan woke up, it was already 9 by morning. Glancing at the clock, he hurriedly got down from bed and went towards washroom and got freshen up.

Getting ready, he left the room. Going downstairs, he went to the kitchen to grab something for breakfast. After that he left for office.

Getting down from the taxi, Tithy and Heer started walking towards Tithy's office and Heer was telling about some incidents happening to her.

While gossiping, they lost the track of time. Deciding to meet Tithy after their office time, Heer left from there hurriedly and Tithy also rushed towards the office.

When Tithy entered the office, she was already late by 30 minutes and was trying to get her sorry speech ready as she was afraid of Ruhaan's anger.

"Sir, I am really sorry for being late. Actually I was going to come in time but you know Heer, my best friend. I was very angry on her as she didn't tell me about her problems. She came to my house this morning and was trying to make peace with me. While making peace between us, I got this late. Please forgive me this time, sir. There won't be a second time."

Hearing this, he will forgive me this time, right?? Tithy thought in her mind and entered Ruhaan's cabin after knocking.

Ruhaan's chair was back facing her. Without waiting for him to turn the chair, she started.

When Tithy almost finished her speech, Neety entered the cabin hearing her voice.

"With whom are you talking to, Tithy?"

"Ruhaan Sir" Tithy replied to Neety pointing at Ruhaan's chair assuming he was sitting on the chair.

"But honey, Sir hasn't come in yet." Neety replied in not so casual tone.

"He is late today but how come?" Tithy asked with curiosity.

"How would I suppose to know that, Tithy!!! But it's not very unlikely of him. He usually does this once in a while." Neety spilled out the fact.

"Then how come he wished that about me?" Tithy asked Neety but more like herself.

Not getting the point Neety asked her, "What are you talking about?"

"You know, Ruhaan sir wanted me to." Tithy started to answer but got cut off by a voice from behind.

"What are you both doing in my cabin?" While entering into the cabin, Ruhaan asked them.

Both of them became silent. Ruhaan sat on his chair and again asked them.

"What? Any problem?"

"No sir. We were just...I mean I just came to say sorry for being late due to a so expected visit of a guest in our house this morning. I came to ask if you could forgive me this time. As you know sometime people got late to their work but not intentionally. You are also late today, right? I mean this happens sometime like."

When Tithy was blabbering Ruhaan and Neety were staring at her. Neety was utterly shocked not only finding her blabbering character but also about the fact that she was accusing Ruhaan, their boss for being late.

So she poked Tithy to stop only to find her scream in pain, "Ouch. It's hurting."

Neety got startled and looked at her hand with bandage. Before she could say something, Ruhaan asked with concern while coming towards them, "Still paining, Titly? Didn't you go to doctor and applied medicine?"

"I didn't go to hospital but applied some medicine. I mean, Ma applied it for me." Tithy replied casually.

"Ma??!!" Ruhaan asked surprisingly more like agonizingly and whisperingly said, "Titly, Ammi is no more" with agony.

Being unable to hear that Tithy replied, "Yes, sir. Ma, I mean my mother did it for me."

Hearing these words Ruhaan came back to reality breaking off the chain of thoughts.

"Okay. Leave now." Ordering them, Ruhaan got back to his chair.

Leaving the cabin, Tithy and Neety came outside.

Neety asked her then, "Why sir was calling you, Titly? Isn't your name Tithy?"

Tithy then realized that and said, "I don't know but Sir keeps calling me by that name. I am Tithy not Titly. By any chance do you know who is Titly and who is she to Ruhaan sir?"

"No yaarr. I didn't hear that name before." Neety replied.

After thinking about that for a while Tithy said, "Okay. Let's get back to work for now."

"Yupp. See you at lunch", saying this, Neety left from there.

Taking a file, Ruhaan tried for a while to concentrate on work but something was bothering him.

Being unable to concentrate on work, he leaned on his chair closing his eyes. Some memories made their way to his mind.

"Vaaai, vai..." a girl slowly came to his room screaming and pointing to her leg said, "It's hurting, vai."

"What happened to your leg?" Ruhaan asked seeing nothing observable in her leg except her sad face which was enough to make him worried.

"Vai, you know I was trying to take a box out from the upper self but it fell on my leg."


Edited: 20.01.2021

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