While Holding the Pain


Tamim and Roshni were sitting on a bench at a park. When Roshni told Tamim about Tithy's accident, he asked her, "How is Tithy now?"

"Her hand was hurt but now it’s all right but I think." Roshni stopped while replying.

Sensing her tension, Tamim said, "Look Roshni, may be you are over thinking this. The accident might really be an unintentional act of the driver."

"I know, Tamim. But there is also a chance of something being there." Roshni said being worried but confidently.

"Okay. Let's say so. So what are you going to do about it now?" Tamim asked her.

"I don’t know yet." Roshni replied staring blankly at the sky.

" There are clouds. It may rain. Let's leave for now. And I just want to tell you one thing. Don’t do anything all by yourself. You are not alone out there. You know that, right?” Tamim said staring at the sky.

Hearing Tamim's word, Roshni looked at him and then again stared at the sky to find it slightly dark for clouds.

Though she was looking at the sky for a while, she didn't notice it before Tamim said that.

She got up from bench and said, "Let's leave."

Tamim said, "You will go to office, right? Come. I will drop you."

Roshni refused politely and said, "It's okay. I will manage. You also should go back to your office."

Tamim tried to convince, "But Roshni, it's okay. I can drop you."

This time Roshni refused strongly and left the place saying, "I am alright. You should go. Please."

Roshni left the place but Tamim stayed still for a while.

“What is she thinking to do? No, I have to stop her. This way she will make her life terrible.” Tamim thought in his mind.

Then he rushed following Roshni and shouted, “Roshni, Wait.”

But by the time he reached at the entrance of the park, Roshni hopped in a taxi and went away.

Staring at that for a while, Tamim went towards his car.

Taking the driving seat, he drove to his office while thinking, “What should I do now? What?” 

Ruhaan's P.O.V. 


In meeting, I became very angry finding the progress of some departments that were not following my expectations.

Giving them a deadline to finish the work, I left the meeting room and entered my cabin. Tithy also followed me in. I sat on my chair and closed my eyes leaning on it.

Tithy then asked me, "Sir, coffee?"

Her voice was filled with fear. I opened my eyes after a while but found her gone.

I don't want to hear her this voice. but why??

May be. No. It can't be.

To break my chain of thought, I took a file and tried to concentrate on work but all in vain. Nothing is being able to get through my mind.

Leaning on chair, I again closed my eyes. A memory made its way to my mind.


It was late at night and I was trying to complete my presentation but feeling sleepy. Nonetheless I had to complete that as the deadline of my submission was the next day.

I didn't realize when Titly came and stood beside me. I got started when she suddenly spoke up, "Vai?"

I spoke up looking at her, “You startled me, Titly.”

She was just staring at me with a smile on her face and said again, “Vai, coffee?”

I smiled at her and nodded. With a smiling face, she left my room.

After some times, she came back with two cups of coffee in her hands and extended one cup towards me.

When I took the cup, she asked me, "What are you doing being awake yet?"

"Preparing presentation, sweetie."

Hearing my words, Titly smiled and teasingly said, "Oh yeah. You and your presentation."

Without bothering that, I replied, "MBA is a tough job, sweetie. But why are you awake yet?" 
"I was not feeling sleepy, Vai. So I came to you if you are awake" Titly said.

Being concerned, I asked, "Why sweetie? Anything wrong?"

She smilingly said, "No, vai.”

“Then?” I asked only to get her started, “You know vai, I was just thinking that"

Understanding the as usual way of her starting to blabber, I whispered, "Here she goes again"

But to my luck she heard.

When she glared at me, I fearfully said, "Nothing, sweetie. You continue. I am listening."


Edited: 19.01.2021

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