While Holding the Pain


Tithy's P.O.V.


At lunch time Neety came to call me for lunch. I was upset and was in no mood to eat but Neety literally dragged me to the cafeteria.

When we started eating, some other colleagues also joined us. All of them started gossiping while taking their lunch.

I was mostly a listener which rarely happens. I generally never get upset on random things but when Ruhaan sir scolded me no whenever I found him upset, I also become upset automatically.

On the dining table I lost the track of their gossip but came to reality when Neety asked me what did I wanted to become.

The sentence slipped of my tongue without getting me to understand properly.
"I always wanted to be a secretary"

Neety smiled at me and said, "Pretty cool. You fulfilled your dream then."

I was done with my lunch. With a smile I got up taking my plate while replying her, "Sort of."

When I turned, I found Ruhaan Sir standing there like dumbstruck and staring at us to be more precise staring at me.

Looking at his blank face my jaw dropped. I greeted him with a nod and left from there.

When I came back after sometime, he was gone from there.

I also left the cafeteria with Neety and went towards my cabin.

When I was sitting idly in my cabin thinking about random things, Maria one of my colleagues entered with a file in hand.

She put the file in front of me on the table and said, "Do some work also."

I looked at her blankly. She again said, "Take the file to Ruhaan Sir. He is needed to check it."

She left my cabin but not before giving me a sarcastic look.

Nonetheless I remained silent and when she left, I got up. Taking the file, I started forwarding to Ruhaan Sir's cabin.

I was almost there while thinking of random stuffs and absentmindedly collided with someone.

When I found the person none other than Ruhaan Sir, I immediately apologized.

"I am sorry, Sir."

He stared at me for a while with a blank look and then said, "It's okay."

"Like seriously he said it's okay!! Didn't he say on my first day if he found me absentminded ever, I will be out of my job." I thought in mind.

When I remained silent, he asked me, "What brings you here?"

"Sir, the file. You are needed to check it." I replied forwarding the file to him.

"Leave it on my desk. I will check later."

I assumed he was going out and asked again "Sir, are you going somewhere? Should I accompany you?"

He looked at his watch and said, "I am off to meet Mr. Mahmud. No. You don't need to accompany me."

"But sir, I can accompany you. I mean meeting Mr. Mahmud with you for office work is kind of my job also. If you want, I can.."

He interrupted me and said smilingly, "Yeah it's a part of your job but you don't need to accompany me. When you are done for today, you can leave."

Saying this, he left from there. He was smiling but for what!!

Anyways finding him smiling, a small smile occupied my lips also.

I got back to my cabin and started my work.


Ruhaan's P.O.V.


When I heard of Tithy's aim, I got paused there. Turning to me, Tithy greeted me silently and walked passed me.

I came back to reality when my phone rang off. While attending the call, I left the cafe.

The call was from Mr. Mahmud. I had a meeting fixed with him. I returned to my cabin and took a file and checked it.

When I was about to leave my cabin, I collided with someone. It was Tithy. She immediately apologized then.

When I said, "It's okay" she got surprised may be she thought of my warning of first day.

When I said to her that I was going out for a meeting and she didn't need to accompany me, finally she got back to her normal self.

She started blabbering to state reasoning her points to go with me.

I smiled at her being relieved but nonetheless forbade her to accompany me.

I told her to leave after her work and left from there as I might not be coming back to office after meeting.

As I knew after meeting Mr. Mahmud, I won't be able to work again but I had to meet him nonetheless.

I walked up to the elevator passing her. The smile that occupied my lips finding Tithy back to her normal self, faded instantly at the thought of the meeting.



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