While Holding the Pain


Ruhaan's P.O.V.


After meeting, I came back to my cabin and Tithy followed me there. Entering my cabin, she asked me formally, "Sir, Coffee?"

When I nodded with a little bit of smile, I don't know why but she smiled heartily and left my cabin. Finding her smiling, I felt relieved Allah knows why. I sat on the chair and took a file and started reading it.

She came back after few minutes and put a coffee cup in front of me. I took the cup and started sipping while reading the file. I thought she would leave but when she didn't, I looked up at her and found her staring at me like she was trying to read me.

Being taken aback, I asked her, "What?"

"Sir, how's the coffee?" She asked me with a curious tone.

The coffee was good and I didn't want to upset her again. So I replied with a smiling face, "It's good."

She didn't reply anything but a smile appeared in her face hearing my word.

I didn't know what I was thinking but I asked her with a sarcastic tone, "Now would you mind doing some work like briefing ME the project details again?" giving extra emphasis on the word ME.

She pouted like a kid. Just like my Titly and said, "I am sorry sir about earlier."

Remembering about Titly, my smile slowly faded far away.

"It's okay Titly." Without my realization, the word came out of my mouth.

Hearing the name, she also got silent.

"Sir, I am coming back in a moment." Saying this, she left my cabin.

After a while she entered my cabin with a file and started briefing me the report.

After completing her report, she looked at me. 

I nodded and said, "It's okay. Leave the file here. And you can go now."

While going towards the door, she stopped midway and turned back. She came towards me again and said, "Sir, can I ask you something?"

Without bothering to know what she wanted to ask, I just answered, "No."

But she didn't leave and kept staring at me and after few moments she asked me the question ignoring my refusal. And hearing her question, I just got shocked and dumbstruck. I didn't expect that question at least not from her out all the person.


Tithy's P.O.V.


I came to my cabin to take the file for briefing the report to Ruhaan sir. Taking the file when I was about to leave, my phone started ringing. I saw the caller ID and it was Heer. 

I answered the call immediately but before she could say anything, I spoke up, "Hey. If you want to tell something urgent then go on. Otherwise wait for some time, I will be calling you back shortly. I am busy now."

"Tithy, take a breath. And yes it's an urgent matter but no need to hear now. After office time don't go home immediately, wait for me. I will meet you and tell you in person. It's really urgent. Wait for me, okay?"

When I said, "Okay", she cut off the line instantly.

I started thinking what's happening. Giving this thought a rest, I rushed towards the cabin of Ruhaan Sir.

After being done with my report, I looked at him hopefully. He seemed normal and told me to leave the file on his desk and leave from there. 

While forwarding towards the entrance, I stopped and turned to him and said, "Sir, can I ask you something?"

 He just said, "No" and kept staring at him.

What is this? He didn't even know what I wanted to ask. He at least should have told me to go on. But no.

Gathering so much of courage and not bothering his word 'no', I just followed my mind to go on and asked him, "Sir, who is Titly?" 

He looked at me being shocked at first and soon that turned to anger. With a cold face, he just yelled at me, "If I say No, it means No, Titly."

He angrily yelled at me but in anger he didn't even realize that this time he again did the same mistake but seeing the angry face of him, I chose to shut my mouth and left from there.

 Coming back to my cabin, I started to think sitting on my chair. He keeps calling me by that name whenever he feels like but he won't tell me about the matter. What is this! 

Though I was angry on him for not answering but in my heart, I was hurt. I was hurt not only because he yelled at me but also as I hurt him by asking that question. I shouldn't have done this. Unexpectedly my mind took my side and said, "But you didn't know that he would be like this."

I just smiled at that sadly. Leaning on chair, I closed my eyes and while thinking like that I didn't know when I fell asleep. And when I opened my eyes, it was already 6 by evening. I stood up with a jolt and rushed towards his cabin. 

After knocking when I entered into his cabin, he was working on a file. Seeing me, he looked at the clock, "You didn't leave yet?"


Edited: 27.01.2021

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