Who Would Have Thought

Who would have thought ?


My dad hadn't been gone for more than ten minutes when Marie, walked into the room crying. She hadn't seen me in the room so when she looked up she jumped back.

"OH ha, you scared me, Megan." I was bending over to examine the clock on the floor right across from the bed.

"Hi, Marie. You okay?" She was Sarah's younger sister.

"Yeah, I guess, maybe a little shocked. She was so young. I just...just can't believe she's gone. I feel heartbroken. " She said between sobs.

"You want something to warm drink, it will calm the nerves? I know I could use some." I gave her a half-hearted smile.

"Yeah, yeah of course. I could use some too" Her hand raised to her head rubbing it ever so slightly as she returned my smile then walked out of the room. I paused to look at the clock one more time. Then I followed her out the door. We walked down the empty hallway and down the stairs in silence until she turned into the kitchen.

"I think I could go for some hot chocolate, you Megan?"

"Hot chocolate sounds good." I nodded.

"Two hot chocolates William." She told the butler. He looked a little young to be a butler. "Isn't he a little young to be a butler?" I asked as we moved into the salon.

"Yeah I guess, he is 18, but he is stronger than our older butlers." We moved to a set of leather armchairs right next to the shattered window. To my surprise, there was no glass on the floor.

"The floor is clean, considering it's right next to a shattered window?" Her hand went to her head rubbing it.


"The floors rather clean," I repeated.

"Oh yes, I guess the murderer was clean, he got all the glass outside."


"Never mind. How have you been Megan?" She was staring at me. Probably staring at the dark circles around my eyes a leftover sentiment of last night's pity party and the blotches of my face from crying. I guess pretty girls like her never had to worry about those things because she looked like any other day. Fair blond curls and pale complexion with soft rose petalled lips and not a single hint of darkness under her light blue eyes. My train of thought was interrupted when the butler walked over with our drinks.

"Here you go, miss...?" He flashed me his vogue worthy smile as he handed me my cup, His emerald green eyes seemed to be studying me from behind the strands of hair that fell in his eyes. It almost seemed flirtatious. Was he flirting? I took my cup and sipped as I watched him. No, probably just the charm of being a young butler.

"Miss Megan," Marie said stiffly answering his question for me. I looked at her. Marie had sat up straighter and seemed to be staring daggers at him as he handed her, her cup.

"A friend of Sarah's," I said looking back at him.

"Oh, I am sorry for your loss." He gazed at me. His green eyes glinted as if they were actual emeralds and for a second I would have believed it.

"Thank you," I said returning his gaze. That's when I noticed he was missing a towel on his arm. He was just about to leave and I had a hunch.

"Sorry, what should I call you?" I called after him. He turned to face me.

"My name is William but you may call me Will." He was about to turn again.

"Will, may I ask you something?"

"Of course Miss Megan." He turned to face me, flashing me that stunning smile again. God... what was that feeling. My heart was pounding faster and I barely remember how to talk. "I was...won.. wondering," deep breath, " where your t...towel had gone." smooth Megan reeeeal smooth.

"Oh my towel," he looked himself up and down. "I just could not find it this morning." He shrugged then his eyes shot at Marie than back at me and he turned and walked away. My eyes studied him as he left.

"Marie I just remembered my father said I had to meet with him at 2:00." I set down my cup and stood up.

"Yeah of course." She said. I walked out of the room. Okay so it was a lie but I had to go tell my dad. This seemed like such a cliche. "The butler did it". Then my mind trailed on pulling clues together. I was so lost in thought I almost yelled when an arm grabbed me at the corner.

"Ahmmmmh." Someone had grabbed me from behind pulling me into a side hallway covering my mouth.

"Ow. Did you just bite my hand?" It was Will.

"Of course what do think your supposed to do when someone tries to kidnap you!" Then my heart started to do that funny thing again. No, no, no I was not going to like the murderer.

"Shhh." He put his finger to my lips to hush me.

"What?" I asked as I shoved his hand away.

"I am surprised you haven't figured it out yet."

"What if I did?" He was my main suspect for about couple minutes now.

"Did you?" His eyebrows raised.

"Yes," I said.

"Who is it then?" He grabbed my elbows.

"Well, my main suspect is you at the moment." I wrenched my arms out of his grip.

"What? No!"

"Come on you're the strongest here you could have obviously broken a window and your napkin is missing and you have something mysterious going on there." I circled him with my finger.

"Ok so I am the strongest, whatever, missing a towel, big deal, doesn't mean I did it."

Olivia M. Mires

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