Why Wouldn’t He?

Chapter 4







"LISAAAA!" I woke up screaming.


The sun light and warm breezes  made its way in my room through the open window , it was a quite morning . The only thing I could hear was my heartbeat getting louder and louder.

I covered my face with my hand "Omg omg omg Thank you, "I cried, "thank you omg it's was just a dream , just a dreams thank goddd."

Thank God it was a dream.

I felt strong hands touching my hands and pulled them away from my eyes. It was Jason looking right at me with a worried look in his eyes.


He looked so worried that I couldn't resist his eyes , they looked so goddamn innocent.


His beautiful deep eyes looked at me with more curiosity .

I felt so safe with his hands holding mine  and his eyes ? so innocent and irresistible.

I start crying more  because I can see within those painful eyes of what he saw . Each and every day how it's haunted me, it haunted him too.


i hugged him and he calmly hugged back,"it's okay ...it's okay." he repeated it again and again


"He's ...he's ....He will hurt us .....," I sob.  As my mind recalled my dream.


"He ...he's ...here ........he's coming for Lisa ..he ....." I couldn't stop stuttering.


"ANNALISE LISTEN!" he pulled himself away and held my chin making me look at him.


"As long as I am here I won't let him. He won't even touch you guys. But if he unfortunately does I'll rip him apart."


"I promise! ..YOU GET THAT I WON'T LET HIM and now stop crying" he spoke  while wiping my tears with his thumb .

"I won't lie to you ,  I know he's just not right for you, And you can tell me if I'm off

But I see it on your face," I hear the song again.Echoing through out my room.


My heart started racing fast again . Holy shit this song.


My mind screamed

My body shivered.

This song means 'He's' here.


It can't be .

I run towards the door "LISA ! NOOOO HE'S HERE," my body shivered with fear but I have to move . My sister might get hurt.

With all strength I lift my body and make a run towards the door .

But I can't move

I can't go any further  because Jason is holding me .


"JASON HE'S HERE .HE'LL HURT HER HE'LL H.." tears stream down my eyes.




I start crying and start struggling "NO NO THE SONG ...IT CANT BE."


I push Jason away and open the door . Making my way through rooms I run to were the music was coming from.


I was nearing her room when I hear Lisa scream. Turning to look behind me Jason coming, "Annalise stop !" But I don't stop and run to her room.


As I walked in then room i run in to see Lisa there playing with a baby husky and it's  mother. She seemed happy .




UGH IT'S IN MY MIND I wipe my tears and turn back only to find Jason standing right beside me


"I told u she's alright come with me okay." He said while crossing his hand around his strong chest making his muscles look more visible.


We walk back to my room . On reaching the room he asks me to go in first , on doing so he closes the door from behind and hugs me.


"look Annalise I know you're afraid but I am here and I will be everywhere , I'll keep an eye on you okay ?" He pulls back.

"but Jason you will be gone soon and we will be all alone" I start crying again.


"No no Omg Annalise you cry baby" he lets out a little laugh "this dog that I brought for u two is a highly trained military dog , there's a maid whose going to live with u two 24/7. She'll cook  , clean the house and protect you two.

Like mothers do . She's trained too  and remember my men have an eye on you and trust me you are the  bravest girl I've ever met," he laughs    "not saying because you are my sister"  he joked.


I laugh and he laughs too "okay little one now get changed I m cooking something for you and Lisa BECAUSEEEE I m hungry and I know you two are too," he chuckles


"and yeah Lisa slept too so she didn't eat anything" he smiled and left the room.


But in a minute he walks back in.

"Anna one more thing," he makes me sit on the bed . Takes long breaths


"I know you get panic attacks but try calming down when ever this song comes up. I know it's really hard but it is possible," he leans forward and kisses my forehead

"Be my brave Warrior."


"I'll try," I reply.


Making his  way back out of  my room he says   "I opened your suitcase and kept everything in the closet so don't be like OMG YOU LOST MY PRECIOUS STUFF and all that girl cries " and then he leaves again .


I look around the room and then walk towards the closest door when I open it DAMN THE CLOSET WAS GOALS .


It had everything shoes , boots , heels , dresses from normal wears to outing wears EVERYTHING .

I took a quick bath and headed towards the closest IT WAS SO HARD.


Finally I decided What to wear , I wore white ripped jeans with a black adidas crop top with adidas shoes .


I went down and Lisa was wearing the cutest outfit , shorts with a top.

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