Why Wouldn’t He?

Chapter 6

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It's starts to rain . Thick warm drops drums on the roof of the Range Rover . Water runs down the windscreen , dislodging the bud slit which clogs the wipers.


Maddeningly, it's skins the windscreen without cleaning it , maybe  because it was raining too much.


The young woman looks around the car and then outside where 'His' men stood.

"Why do you roam with so many men?" a question escapes her lips.

‘He’ had always hated questions especially when it was from women who he only used for fucking.

The Ashtray is full but 'he' still kept on filling it .


Blowing the smoke at the windscreen with his gaze still looking forward.

"I like it this way." He turned towards her .


Holding her chin in a harsh way.


"So that non of you  dare to get away from me until ‘I’ .....want you to leave," he gave a deadly smirk.


The total amount of deadly sins  a man , or human being can do are 7 . But this guy had 8.

All the 8 deadly sins are found in his nature . To be greedy , to be hateful , to have lust.

His eyes never sparkles with love or affection. But always with a never ending hate for everything. Nothings seemed to please him and going against him will  be your worse nightmare.

"I can't control your shit behavior," he shrugs.

"Nor do I want that burden .  You know well how much I hate being disrespected and you know clearly how I treat the person who does so."


"I never lied or Misbehaved!" The words seemed to  Choke   her soul.


In an instant  he grabbed her by her hair and slammed her head on the dash board.

"That's the attitude I don't like." Once more he slammed her head on the dash board.


She let out a painful cry. But he still didn't leave her .

He turned the radio on and turned it to USB mood. Playing the song.


"Wise man say only fools rush in......." it played.


The woman was still crying but he ignored her . He watched the raindrops running sideways , joining , puddling . He reached across  the gear and puts his hand on her thigh.


Circling on her thigh then stoking in between them.

"No please I'm ......" before she could continue he slammed her again against the dash board again.

He didn't lift her head but kept on rubbing it against it.


"Misbehaving like I said ," he let out an evil laugh and kept on laughing till he has to stop for a breath.


"This song was playing  when my heart was taken away by a young beautiful  girl." He lifts her head.

“She has soft gentle eyes , the sort that would sort me into pieces. If only I let them,” he laughed.


"Please I'm sorry  I won't," before she could continue he slammed her again.

“Don’t interrupt me,” He Said as he continued.

“But I would always let her eyes tear me into pieces  , my godddd her eyes. The way they twinkled. And Her lips ? Her lips were the edge of the galaxy , that that beautiful curve on them always wanted me to kiss them again and again.”


"Please I'm sorry  I won't," before she could continue he slammed her again.

She was whimpering  while her nose was bleeding . He wiped her tears while he held her bleeding head.

"Stop crying and look at me!" He ordered.

She tried to stop crying but the tears still streamed down her eyes.


"Stop crying!" He ordered again.

"I'll give to one last kiss before," he kissed her harshly.

She didn't want that but couldn't deny to it. If she did he would hit her again.

"Before I finish you." He continued and started laughing like an maniac again.


Her body shivered with fear that suddenly arose. She kept quiet , with the thought that maybe he might spare her life.


He got out of his car while his man opened a umbrella for him.

She was still inside.

Pointing at his men he ordered, "finish her."


The car moved rapidly with the movement inside . She hit the mirror , the man holding her. No use . There was no curse word that could stop the killer, no hit strong enough . Nothing . Nothing . There was no way she could escape death trap that was set for her.


'Erik' smiled and waved her goodbye as he saw her struggling.

"Boss the weather's getting very harsh we should be going now." His man said.


"Then what are you waiting for? Let's go." He moved towards the line of Cars and sat in one of them.


"Play my song," he ordered.

He sang while moving his head along the song, "Wise men say only fools rush in

But I can't help falling in love with you

Oh, shall I stay, would it be a sin

Oh, if I can't help falling in love with you?"


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