Why Wouldn’t He?

Chapter 8





The whole time  Martkain was on his phone like literally dude talk about something ANYTHING but no that asshole had his phone all the time.


Everyone was really nice and again Molly repeated what had happened with Emma and her pets.


The twins were really nice too. Zack and Zoe were dating since 7 years and Cody he got every girl he liked. Can't deny both were really good looking can say sexy too. Jay kept on cracking a joke and we all laughed.

Everyone sitting here was so nice and kind and acted like best buddies they joked and  hit each other for no reason .


"So like then I started dancing and she was like can I have your number" Cody was telling about a girl he met a couple of days ago.

"I am pretty sure she was blind" Andrew joked and we all laughed.

I saw thattttt ...... Markian smiled too ......

GEEZ THIS GUY HAS THE MOST GORGEOUS SMILE Any  girl would die to date him but if he stays like an asshole like this. I can bet she'll leave him if she was not Just for his looks.


The break got over and we all went to class .

It was Spanish  class that means Jays with me even Molly and Andrew.

I didn't know that Markians locker was right near  mine well I saw him while I was taking my stuff.


Jay's really tall so on his way he kept his arm around  my shoulders saying he'll protect me. Honestly I didn't get any of what he said but as long as I was comfortable things are good .

In Spanish class Molly and Andrew sat Infront of us , honestly they should sit at the back of the class because they won't stop passing smiles or giggling.


Jay on the other hand was really serious during class but near the end he started making funny drawing ,made stories out of them and then sent them to me . I couldn't  stop myself but laugh at his creativity .

When the period got over I had French class I don't know why I took it but Jason insisted because he said he'll take us to France during the summer holidays and he believes my French was really weak mostly because I failed most of my French papers last year well I don't even know the abc in French.


"So Which class do you have next" Jay asked

"French umm " I gave a smile.


"Oh! French really" he started laughing

Even Molly and Andrew laughed.


"I hope you are weak in French because you'll love it there without us" Molly laughed.


"Is anyone with me in French class" I said while taking out my books from my locker

I didn't know Markian was there too he smirked , it was strange REALLY STRANGE.


"Tiny you know where your class is"  Jay asked.

"No Jay" I nodded with my shoulders.


Markian closed his locker "Shut up everyone" he held my hand .


Chills went through my body. Damn his hands are so big.

My hands fit so perfectly in his.

I could hear my heartbeat get louder and my body shivered ..............his warm hand was so damn comfortable

"Come on Annalise the teacher doesn't like late comers even if it's me" he held my hand tighter and started walking .

Even if it's me .... Even if it's me what did he mean .


We came to class and he headed towards a desk still holding my hand , some girls and guys were leaning on the desk and busy in their laughing state .


But soon their face  turned to us and quickly moved away . I sat on a seat and Markian sat too.


I couldn't get what was wrong with  everyone here , they  looked at me as if I had asked for their kidney or something .


"Look Annalise I just wanted to say I m sorry for everything" Markian said while rubbing the back of his head.

"Huh?" I gave him an astonishing look .

"I m sorry for what happened  on the first day" he said while giving me a beautiful caring look from his gray eyes.

"It's....." I tried to stop laughing but with a straight

"It's not okay Annalise I didn't mean to.. I just ....... I was just a little worried about a couple of things" he held my hand.


Wait! This is getting to dramatic and getting everyone's attention.

"Wow" I pulled my hand away.


"Excuse what? I think I overheard some words" I pulled my ear towards him.


This is so good I swear.

"LOOK! I m trying to be nice and it's better that you .........." he turned red.


"That I what?"  My feel my cheeks turn red too.

"Nevermind" he turned his gaze away.


"WHAT??" I shakes him.

Yes I'm acting like a child but I think I'll make him say it.


"SHUT UP ANNALISE" he screamed.

His attention was not on me on somehow else. I turned and it was Emma and her pets

"So this is the Hoe isn't she"  Emma asked while she gave me an ugly look.

Markian looked least interested and stood up. He moved towards him looking down at her.

"THIS IS THE HOE WHO YOU WILL USE TO REPLACE ME? " she was kind of losing it.


"You were never mine so Theres no replacing YOU!" He relied.

"EXCUSE ME I WAS NEVER YOURS" she pulled her fingered towards him.


He gave an irritated groan. "Umm yeah I think you didn't hear it ..... Umm lemme repeat it." 

Chasing Zabella

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