Why Wouldn’t He?

Chapter 16

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We were sitting at this nice restaurant. Markian was dressed formally.

He would set his tie every minute as if he was feeling uncomfortable.


I held his hand and looked into his grey eyes. They are so damn beautiful.

He said he’ll pick me up and take me out to the same restaurant.


Even though Lola is already coming here but he suggested if we went like those formal couples.


“We aren’t even a couple,” I said to him.

But obviously Lola overheard him and completely liked the idea.


“Ohhh gentlemen type huh?” She said as she giggled over the phone.


“Fine pick her up so she can explain you how crazy I am,” Lola said while laughing.


“You know it was a stupid idea of coming here like a stupid couple,” I say trying to

Make him laugh a little.


He leaned in and held my hand in both his hands. He kept on staring in my eyes making me blush obviously.

“I wanted us to come together because I wanted to admire how hot you look tonight ,” he Says slowly as he kisses my hand.


When my eyes meet his gaze as we're sitting here staring at each other, time stops. Those eyes are piercing mine, and I can swear at this moment he senses the real me. The one without the attitude, without the facade.


I I stared back because there wasn’t a thing to lose now. I stared back with the all-knowing, I-dare-you-to-kiss-me gaze of someone who both challenges and flees with one and the same gesture.


“Ehem,” he hear someone cough.

I turn to see and I scream in excitement.

Kalina and Austin stood right in front of me.


I hugged Kalina while Austin and Markian did their bro shake.

“You guys made it!” I say excitedly.


“Duhhh yeah obviously couldn’t let Markian seize the moment,” she says excitedly too.


“And me!” Jay says in a girlish tone.

I almost laugh at how he reacted.

“Yay,” I say excitedly while Jay gave me a hug.


But he pulls back and while still holding my shoulders he says, “damn girl you look sexyyyy in that black shirt ... tighhhtttt dress” He winks at me.


“Yeah pull back bro she’s taken,” Markian says in possessive way and pull me to sit back on my seat.


I give Markian the look but he ignores me. I almost laugh at him trying to hide his embarrassment.


Oh, he did look like a deity – the perfect balance of danger and charm, he was at the same time fascinating and inaccessible, distant because of his demonstrated flawlessness, and possessing such strength of character that he was dismaying and at the same time utterly attractive in an enticing and forbidden way.


“I can bet whats going on your head Markian,” Jay says making him turn to him.


Jay says something in some sign language and Austin laughs.

“I thought that while looking at Kalina,” he laughs.


I look at Kalina in a confused way.

“Some stupid guy stuff non of us will get,” She says while rolling her eyes.


“Oh hello everyone,” I hear a confident voice.


It’s Lola and Lisa.

Lola looked great in grey dress. It was of shoulder, up till her knees.

While the perfect heals and how perfect she had her hair tied.

She looked stunning.


I stood up to hug her while she whispered to me, “you have a good choice.”


It brings the earlier image in front of me.

I stood by the mirror looked at myself a most like the 100th time.

I was so nervous especially more that I would there without Lola by my side.


Lola walked up to me from the bed as if she noticed I was nervous. She held my hand and made me turn to her.

“Don’t worry about how you look honey. You look great. But,” she says while turning me back to the mirror.

“If you don’t present yourself perfectly, you might lose yourself.”


And then I hugged her.

She so much of a mom figure. At first I was so double minded on how she would treat us and all but meeting her made everything change.


Jason was right. She would never let you feel like she isn’t your mother.


“Oh wow are you Annalise’s sister or something?” Jay says in a flirting way.


Lola says as she smiles at him, “maybe.. maybe not.”

And we all laugh.


Markian acts more of gentleman in front of Lola.

Jennifer and Caroline comes dressed in a plain BTS shirtS and pants.

“Oh we didn’t know it was a formal dinner...” Caroline says in an embarrassed way.


Jennifer looked a little more embarrassed as she wore dirty shoes. I noticed but I pretended not to.


“Oh honey!” Lola stood up from her seat and hugged boat of them.

They calmed down a little now.

“I would have been in a torn shirt and lose over sized sweat pants if it wasn’t for keeping a good impression on you people,”  she laughed as she made them sit.


Lola completely ignores everyone for like 5 minutes and started making Jennifer and Caroline comfortable.


We ordered food and talked about different stuff. Lola mostly asked like those adult questions. But if we would talk about like teenagers stuff she would mingle so easily.

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