Writer's notes


I was itting and not understanding what was happening. A dull sleepiness was closing my eyes. But there still was so much I wanred to do. I got up. Came out into the clear twilight of the setting Sun.

The light, like syrup, was flowing from white one to mango-pink, yellow-orange color. I was watching runners, skateboarders, dads with kids. Someone was walking the dog. There were surfers with colorful boards under their arms.

Imperceptibly, lightness penetrated into me. Fingers groped for the phone. Switched it to the camera. The eyes raised to the blooming plumeria. To the palms that tickled the breeze with their long leaf-fingers. My eyes opened thier arms to the sky and its reflection in the wet sand.

"What's happening?" - the brain was confused.
“Miracles are happening,” smiled whale the weathervane, diving into the cloud.

Alla Iyer

Edited: 12.11.2020

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