Xena Castello

chapter 2 part 1

The call was short, it ended with a promise to meet each other the next week.  Xena stayed home and in bed all week, she took a break off work for two weeks.

Xena worked in the number one brothel in Westhaven town. She was the most popular among the girls that worked there. She was known as the Queen X, the prettiest and most expensive. The only men who could afford her time were rich foreigners and businessmen.

Xena Castello lived a fairly good life despite being poor since she was just a child. Her father, Mr Castello was a street dancer and her mother  worked as a cook in a highschool. No matter how poor they were, Xena never felt it because her parent did everything they could to make sure she never did, she was a happy child who got everything she ever wanted.

Xena was closer to her father than she was with her mother. Her passion for dancing started at a young age, she loved to dance with her father who taught her all she knew about dancing. Everything was perfect but it didn't last long, at the age of 12 she got home from school to an empty house, she looked around and called for her parents but they were not around. A car came to the house and she ran outside, expecting to see her parents but it wasn't them, rather it was her aunt from her father's side.

Aunt Lucy.

Aunt Lucy was a strict woman unlike her father, she swore off men and vowed to be single since the age of 20 and she always had an expressionless face and a sharp tone. She walked into the house ignoring Xena's questions and walked right into her room with Xena closely behind her.

"Pack your bags, we are leaving" she said leaving no room for protest, without arguing Xena did as she was told. The car ride was silent, eventually they arrived at her Aunt’s home and walked in. Aunt Lucy said nothing until it was time for dinner, once they ate their dinner she looked at Xena with an expressionless face and said calmly

" you are going to live with me starting today and I will be your guardian"

" what do you mean?? What about mommy and daddy?" Xena asked confused, her aunt stared her in the eyes "your parents had a divorce and left, I talked with your father and he left me to take care of you"  Aunt Lucy's tone told her it was the end of the discussion.

 Xena was confused, and wanted to ask why, why would her parent divorce? Weren't they happy? Why didn't they tell her themselves? She wondered, just earlier that day, in the morning she danced around the kitchen with her father with music playing in the living-room and her mother scolded them because she was late for school.

The house was always lively. A smile always played on their lips and laughter always rang in the house, but what happened? What went wrong? Why did they abandon her? She was confused but she knew she couldn't ask Aunt Lucy so she kept it to herself and went to bed.

 That night Xena lied in bed and fought back tears, she wasn't going to see her parent again, curling up into a ball she held her stuffed bear close to her chest and reminded herself of her fathers words

" Big girls don't cry" and slept off.

Xena was smart but she didn't like school, but despite that she went, her Aunt's condition was no better than her parents but it was enough to be able to get food and go to school and buy the essential things needed.

As Xena grew she slowly lost her childhood self and became a troubled teenager, she started to wear all black and hang with the wrong crowd. Though She was solo most of the time, she kept to herself and rebelled, she didnt care about having close friends, despite everything she held onto one thing that always made her feel better...


Xena also knew what was wrong and right but she only did what she wanted, she always fought with Aunt Lucy, especially about dancing and eventually at the age of 17 she dropped out of school.

"Well at least now you can save up some money" she said to Aunt Lucy as they argued about why she dropped out.

 At the age of 17 Xena met Daniël Verbeeck, it was a memory neither of them forgot.

It was a cold morning and she had just stolen a pack of cigarette and a lighter from a small shop in Elvis street, in Winterville town. The town was named Winterville due to the fact that they had winter season almost all year, it rarely rained and the sun rarely showed its face.

 Unfortunately for Xena, the shop owner saw her and ran after her, yelling and stumbling, his weight not doing him any favors. Xena was quicker and ran out of the shop and onto the street, the shop owner, unsure of the gender of thief as she wore a hoodie that covered her face and her baggy clothes yelled out for help, that was when Xena bumped into a stranger (Daniël) who instantly grabbed her, perhaps hearing the cries of the shop owner.

Xena looked up from under the hoodie and meet the light green ones of the stranger who was taken aback when he realized she was a girl and not a guy, without thinking about it, Xena pulled him closer and his head down to hers then gave him the best kiss he'd ever experience, her action made his hold on her loosened and she released him, he stared at her in daze, his hand on her arms but without any grip, she took a second to study his face. He was gorgeous, sharp jawline, clear fair skin, pouty pink lips that were slightly parted in surprise and he had dark brown ruffled hair with snow bits on it, she gave him a wink and a smile then pulled her hoodie down and broke free from his grasp, leaving him staring at her as she ran away.

The shop owner finally caught up to Daniel and yelled at him but Daniël couldn't figure out what he was saying, he stared at the path she took, she'd already gone but he couldn't stop looking, still in daze, wondering if it happened or he was just imagining it.

That wasn't the last time they met. In fact, it only took a few hours before they met again. It was night and Xena who didn't want to go home just yet stayed out with a gang and watched the dancers entertain the rest of the crowd, the gang consisted of people like her, people whose family abandoned them, misunderstood delinquents and people who were not accepted in the society. Lighting up the cigarette she stole, she passed around the pack to the rest of the gangs and watched the dancers with a longing look in her eyes as she recalled watching her father dance on the streets. Her father was her idol, he could dance almost any dance, be it hiphop,tap dance and even ballet.

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